The deadline for the consultation on the comprehensive cuts proposed by the Independent run Wrexham Council is set for the 30th November 2017. This consultation outlines the cuts that the Council intend to impose upon our county through until 2020.

These cuts are far reaching and will effect everyone in our community. Schools in particular are in line to be amongst the hardest hit with some devastating cuts proposed. Adult social care is also in the firing line with the Wrexham Council Leadership declaring some of our most vulnerable as “over supported”.

The Labour Group of Councillors have been very hard at work to produce an alternative budget to offer to our Council that will help to protect our vital services but we need your help to get that message across. So far the response has been good with over 2000 respondents, compared to only 1200 during the last consultation. Council Leader Mark Pritchard has been rattled and has already declared his intent to ignore the initial participants, declaring them as “politically motivated”.

We’re calling on all citizens of our Wrexham County, regardless of political affiliation, to please participate in this consultation and to show our Council that we are not prepared to sit back whilst our Country Parks, schools and disabled are subjected to yet more callous and uncaring cuts.

You can find a link to the consultation HERE.

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