These are very exciting times as we navigate our way through clearly significantly changing political, social and economic times. The consensus is now, finally, finding it’s way towards what Corbyn & McDonnell have said for 30+ years, and on a bigger platform, what Labour under their leadership has been repeatedly saying over the last 2 years. The General Election campaign of June 2017 showed just how well, collectively, Labour can do. We didn’t win overall power, but we did gain the biggest vote share since Attlee in 1945; in terms of polling, from approx 25 points behind with 6 weeks until the election, for those who use polling as currency, we achieved something that has never been achieved before. Ever. By anyone. This was achieved with significant hurdles, both internally and externally, if we are to be honest.

Now, going forward as one, united party, embracing this exciting new Movement, including all members, we can achieve great things together. As a Labour government, we can change the lives of millions of people who so desperately need us. Urgently. The next General Election, if you believe the bookies, is odds-on to be in 2018. It is now we need to engage our existing members and re-engage those who lost all faith in politics, and again let us be honest, the party. To achieve what is needed will mean making sure our broad church is singing from the same hymn sheet; it means all of us listening, learning and supporting. It means accepting differing views, because we know at the end of the day, we all want the same things for our country, our community, our families and our friends. There is, of course, nothing wrong with disagreements and debate-that is usually how you get the best ideas and policies; the 2017 Manifesto was created by everyone from new party members to long-standing party officials and all in-between. It is generally thought of as the best Manifesto for decades, if not ever. The Conservative’s Manifesto was written by 3 people, literally, who thought they knew best; look what happened to them…

I believe, collectively, we have a massive advantage over the Conservatives; we are now setting the agenda. We are now using the new and alternative media to circumnavigate the unprecedented bias and lies of the mainstream media. We are winning the arguments. We have the momentum (small ‘m’ 😊), the energy, the ideas, the policies, the active members, but we also have the experience of all those involved when Labour were last in power. Marrying up the strategies, experience and PR skills of the ‘old regime’ with the aforementioned qualities of the ‘new regime’ would mean, I believe, an unstoppable force. Victory for social, economic and political justice. Victory for the Welsh, and British people. As we are already doing now, we would act as the anchor to the runaway train of failed, rogue, Neo Liberal Capitalism.

For those who watched Question Time last Thursday 16th November, featuring The S*n ‘Journalist’ Rod Little, the SNP/Scottish Independence supporting Val McDermid, former Lib Dem leader Tim Farron, Labour’s Emily Thornberry and the Conservative’s Nadhim Zahawi, may have missed something very symbolic & significant. What was significant, is that the exact (maybe McDermid aside) same people who have mocked, derided, laughed at, criticised constantly Labour’s economic plans all now agree that this IS the way forward and that Labour IS correct. This is symbolic, as I say, because they are demonstrating that, once again (as with Iraq X 2, Libya, Syria X 3, not arming Saddam Hussein in the 1980’s when we did, Afghanistan, peace in NI, Arpartheid and actually seeing the financial crash of 07/08 coming in advance down to the specifics of the American Sub-Prime Mortgage issues, and being ignored) Corbyn & McDonnell are once again on the correct side of history. WE, Labour, are on the correct side of history. From the biggest business leaders in the UK, to 130+ of the world’s top economists (including Nobel prize winning ones), to the Bank Of England (BOE) and even the International Monetary Fund (IMF), they are all saying the massive public investment plan is needed. Austerity, as it always has and always will, has failed. Very clearly failed. The consequences of this are where we are now-socially, politically and economically. The Conservatives are making the same mistakes again, believing it is the messaging and not the core idea they are trying to sell, which is wrong, broken, obsolete. Let them continue to fail, and ultimately fall.

Never has there been a time in the last few decades where a Labour government is so desperately needed. Needed not just for Welsh & UK citizens, but also in terms of foreign policy and diplomacy, the environment, and creating equality, rather than further inequality, as the world embraces what will be the 4th Industrial Revolution. The stakes are high. WE have the answers, but only as a WE. Together, Labour can achieve so much. I am proud to be part of this new look Clwyd South Labour Party, and honoured to be elected to a role. Together we will change our constituency for the better, along with our successful MP Susan Elan Jones, AM Ken Jones, and all other Labour officials in our local party. We have never been as eager, and we have, perhaps, never been as needed. So, man, woman, old, young, regardless of faith (or no faith), colour, disabled or able-bodied, Welsh-speaker or not, long-standing member or someone who joined today, YOU are WE. WE are Clwyd South Labour Party, and as Zoe Williams says in the article attached, we can only do this through solidarity.

Welcome all to these exciting times! In solidarity, Adam Samuels – Media & Community Engagement


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