Clwyd South CLP 2017 Budget Response

Today the Chancellor released the 2017 budget. Despite trying to mask the huge detrimental affect of this budget on all our lives with a slight increase in the Minimum Wage -NOT a Living wage Mr. Hammond!- we see straight through this when we learn of the continuous economic downgrading.
A faltering economy, a token gesture of a stamp duty cut that will have little effect on the majority of first time buyers, continued under funding of the NHS and an ever increasing cost of Brexit are the key issues we have taken from it so far. We have seen back to back budgets from Tory Chancellors promising to eliminate the deficit and their deadlines have been pushed back further and further, with 2025 now the Chancellors next best guess. What this budget is showing is that we have unrealistic and insufficient promises for the future from a Chancellor who is quite unfit for the present!

Our Political Education Officer, Keith, has provided a clip to show our disappointment in today’s budget.


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