NEC Elections

Following the Labour Party Conference, the Labour Party is now due to carry out an all member election to fill three new positions on the NEC (National Executive Committee). So how does that affect you?

The NEC is the governing body of the Labour Party and oversees the direction of the Party and the Party’s policy agenda. By increasing the size of the NEC to include three additional, member voted representatives. This allows each of us members a greater say on the policies of our party and subsequently, future General Election Manifestos.

Each candidate required at least 5 CLPs to nominate them to be included on the ballot and over the past few weeks candidates have been campaigning to earn your CLPs nomination and your vote. The full list of candidates now on the ballot are Yasmine Dar, Rachel Garnham,  Jon Lansman, Eddie Izzard, Johanna Baxter, Gurinder Singh Josan, Sarah Taylor, Nick Donovan and Nicola Morrison.

Clwyd South CLP voted to nominate Rachel Garnham, Yasmin Dar and Jon Lansman for inclusion on the ballot.

With three positions available for all members to vote for, it is vital that you cast your vote when the election begins on Thursday 30th November, to ensure that you are represented on the NEC.

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