Theresa May & The Conservative Party Are Definitely NOT “Doing The Right Thing” As They Claim!

Though this article is from 2016, I thought it was very apt given the current political climate.

Theresa May is either deluded or very creative with the truth. Yes, a lot in the Church are small ‘c’ conservative, which in itself, as Christians, is completely contradictory with their faith…but for those of the Christian faith, how on earth do you think Jesus was anything other than a Socialist?! It is the same thing that puzzles me about Christian Fundamentalists in the USA-Jesus and the Bible preach what is quite literally the opposite of Conservative policies. Would Jesus say consciously being responsible for the deaths of over 120,000 people as a direct result of austerity (according to the world-renowned British Medical Journal- is “doing the right thing” is it Theresa?!
I personally, do not think “doing the right thing” is overseeing record wage stagnation and regression of wages for what is now predicted to be a SECOND decade!!! (people earning LESS into the 2020’s than they did in 2007!), missing every single one of their OWN fiscal targets, making the UK literally the most unequal in Europe economically, record homelessness, record poverty, record child poverty….the list goes on….they have borrowed more in 7 years than every Labour government in history. Combined (Oh, and before any one says “Labour got us in to this mess”…no, they didn’t. The banks did. Even if you do believe that re Labour, the Tories backed every penny of it as George Osborne confirmed recently!). Borrowing is not the issue, but borrowing AND implementing austerity is beyond incompetent and apparently “doing the right thing”?!
The Tories are also using quantitative easing-the very thing they are trying to use against Corbyn for doing if he got in. Only they do it for big business, not the people. But then, they are “doing the right thing”! They are over-seeing the slowest growing economy in the Western world and have been an absolute disaster economically. They have done untold damage and yet, despite everyone from the Bank Of England to even the International Monetary Fund saying Neo Liberalism is failing, they STILL say “More of the same is the only answer!”, because it is “doing the right thing”!!
Record homelessness, scrapping the back-to-work disability fund, cutting money for disabled people while literally reducing taxes for the very richest is “doing the right thing” is it? Being investigated by the UN for breaching the human rights of disabled people, food bank usage (approx a third of recipients are in work) up from 41,000-odd to over 1.3 million in 7 years in charge; Tory MPs happily, proudly opening a food bank is “doing the right thing” is it? Implementing the ideological and political CHOICE, NOT NECESSITY of Austerity is “doing the right thing” is it?! Record insecure work, with my generation and below being the first ones worse off than the generation that went before…is, according to the Conservatives, “doing the right thing”.
How can you, Theresa May, justify this? :
Well, Theresa & the Tories, why don’t you REALLY “do the right thing” and move aside. Let Labour under Corbyn & McDonnell try and salvage this country as much as we can from the total mess you are creating. You have spectacularly failed and are failing. This is, literally in many instances, a case of life or death. So, “do the right thing” and GET OUT OF GOVERNMENT ASAP! Your faith is merely abusive Neo Liberal Capitalism; please do not tarnish the Christian religion with your skewered ‘morals’ and destructive, conscious, policies.
Adam Samuels

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