Constituents warned of harsh parking penalties

Our Assembly Member, Ken Skates, has this week issued a word of caution for shoppers using the Aldi in Oswestry. Using the parking company Parking Eye, the supermarket issues fines of £70 for shoppers who fail to enter their registration details on an automated computer system inside the store.

Parking eye are notorious for their unsympathetic approach of chasing claims and the company, who manage many supermarket and hospital car parks, make over £60M per year in fines.

Fortunately in the case that Ken took up Aldi saw the side of fairness in what was an honest mistake and cancelled the charge, but instances of this a rare. Another of our constituents, for example, fell short in the same circumstances and was unable to appeal to Aldi’s understanding side.

Ken said, “I’d like to make sure people are aware of this type of system and the fines they could receive. We managed to get this one overturned, but others may not be so fortunate”

You can read the article HERE

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