Why We So Desperately, Urgently, Need A Labour Government In Westminster

Those who insist that the Conservative government is the best option, please listen/watch this video in this article HERE

Heartbreaking. Genuine fear and panic. A working mum, with two jobs who cannot afford to help her children and who fears what will happen when she can’t work. This appalling situation is because of the Neo Liberal economic policies that have failed this woman, and all bar the very rich. Please, stop believing that austerity is necessary. Please stop believing that poor people, immigrants, refugees, the disabled, the unemployed, people claiming benefits are in any way to blame for their plight, or that of you and your family. If you are lucky enough not to be in this situation (like me), please stop judging people based on your own situation. Above all, for sake of us all, please, please, please stop believing, and voting for, the Conservative party.

How on earth can more of the same, and a second decade of stagnating/receding wages-with forecasts suggesting many will be on LESS in the 2020s than they were in 2007, be the answer?!?!
Only a different form of economics under a Labour party led by Jeremy Corbyn & John McDonnell will start the process of reversing the damage done. But only if we all back them and ignore the haters, liars and political commentators. Like Attlee and Bevan did before they changed the country via the NHS, Education and the Welfare state. The stakes are too high for us not to support desperately needed change. In solidarity, united, we will change things for the better.

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