Even Conservative Party Supporters Have Completely Lost Faith In Their Party!

Tory Leaders

Simply astonishing!! Just to show how out of touch this Conservative government is, when they polled Tory members about who should take over from Theresa May as Tory leader, ‘Others’ AKA ‘None of the above’ in this case, won!!!! They are not even in sync with their own party supporters (also, their membership is shrinking, with an average age of 72!!) as they clearly don’t think ANY OPTION of the current crop can lead them. The Conservatives are an absolute embarrassment and they are turning the UK into a laughing stock. Most worrying of all, they are weakening our negotiating hand by the minute re EU negotiations. If they had any sense of what was best for the country, they would step aside and let Labour take over before it’s too late. Read the full article HERE.

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