Why Jeremy Corbyn Is So Inspiring…From Someone You May Not Expect

As many people will by now be aware,  Jeremy Corbyn is on the cover of the new GQ magazine released this week, and very Prime Ministerial he looks, too! However, it was disappointing to hear the editor of GQ and prominent Conservative Party supporter, Dylan Jones, attack Mr. Corbyn over the photo shoot. As we now know, this was especially odd as Mr. Jones was not even there, and that what he said was not even correct apparently! It was also disappointing to hear the BBC not inform listeners of the context-Mr. Jones being a Tory supporter, or correct things later after discovering Mr. Jones misled listeners.

However, we are all already aware of the independently-confirmed unprecedented media bias and lies specific to Jeremy Corbyn, and so maybe this comes as no surprise? What does come as a surprise, and worth praising and drawing attention to, is an article in GQ from the editor of The New European; more of the same bias? No. To his credit. Here is Matt Kelly describing his experience of meeting Jeremy Corbyn when he was campaigning and happened to knock on Mr. Kelly’s door:

“…And he listens. This was what struck me most and left an impression on me long after he’d left. 
Here he was; the leader of the Labour Party, at that time facing what the polls were predicting to be a rout. And instead of taking to the trail, with the politico circus in his wake, looking for a soundbite headline for that night’s telly, he was on the the doorstep in his own constituency, actually listening.”

The article is titled ‘Jeremy Corbyn is a winner because he genuinely gives a damn.’ It’s great that the doubters are now catching up. Even those who may not support Labour under his leadership recognise Corbyn is setting the narrative and is a Prime Minister in waiting; hence the GQ cover. You can read the full article from Matt Kelly HERE.

We are proud that the Labour party is on the rise and breaking through in areas doubters never previously thought possible. Long may it continue! #JC4PM !

Adam Samuels – Clwyd South CLP Media & Community Engagement Representative

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