This Conservative Government Is Dangerously Incompetent

You may want to sit down. You’ll actually probably want to lie down after reading THIS!:

Despite having previously indicated that work had been undertaken, Mr Davis accepted in public that there is “no such systematic impact assessment”.

“The Brexit Secretary also said no formal impact assessment had been undertaken into the effect of leaving the EU customs union before the Cabinet took a decision to withdraw.”

If you were not yet certain of just how incompetent this Conservative government is, then by now you will be. To not have, having indicated strongly you do have previously, proper planning and assessments for the biggest change to our country for over 40 years is breathtakingly stupid. Stupid for business, stupid for our economy, stupid for our public services and stupid as, once again, it weakens our negotiating hand with the EU. It is beginning to feel like we are watching the cast of Dad’s Army trying to sort out a deal for the UK, with David Davis running around shouting “Don’t panic! Don’t panic!”.

Having to do a hugely embarrassing about-turn on Monday with regards an agreement over part one of the EU negotiations, after either forgetting to consult or ignoring the DUP then realising they can’t, now this. We are supposed to be getting EVERYTHING sorted by October 2018, just 10 months away!, in preparation for supposedly leaving the EU in March 2019. We are already 18 months in since the Referendum and we are not even at the stage of agreeing the basics! How on earth can we trust these people to secure a good deal for the UK-especially here in Wales?!

Can you imagine the headlines and outcry if this was Labour in this position?! We have had seven years of total economic incompetence, missing every one of their OWN fiscal targets-in some cases by nearly 20 years now (based on their own projections), with wages projected to be LESS for many in the 2020s than they were in 2007!, and another decade of stagnation and regression of living standards thanks to the slowest growing G7 economy. But turn on your TV, go online, open a newspaper and you are told “Labour will crash the economy!”.

The Conservatives have historically got away with being worse economically. This is in large part due to those providing the information to us-the mainstream media is almost all right-wing/Neo Liberal in print & online, and as independent reports have confirmed, the broadcast media is often culturally in the same place. An example of this is how often the BBC use Guido Fawkes as a source, despite his appalling views and track record, while dismissing plenty of well-researched, non-partisan sources.

Back to the shambles of this Conservative government… we in Labour must make sure we are ready to serve the country and provide the leadership, competence and compassion our country so desperately needs and deserves. We cannot afford to have this Tory government as they are ruining the futures for all of us with their shambolic incompetence. Our country needs us, and soon, we hope, it will get that chance. We must be ready to try and rescue the dog’s mess we will be left with; and we will be.

In Solidarity,

Adam Samuels – Clwyd South Media & Community Engagement Representative

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