Labour Leads The Way On Brexit

There is an excellent article in The Guardian by Maya Goodfellow if you click HERE.

Last night saw a humiliating defeat for this Conservative government as 11 Tory MPs decided to back those opposing the government’s attempted power grab, when Theresa May would not legally confirm a “meaningful” vote on the final agreement. Though it was a Conservative MP’s amendment, Labour led the way on this, as we have for a while, with Yvette Cooper also tabling a similar option to the one voted on.

Our party is being very pragmatic, and as inclusive as possible to all, in our stance taken over leaving the EU. As Maya Goodfellow’s article points out, we in Labour are very conscious of wanting to address all issues surrounding the UK leaving the EU. Labour  respected the result of the EU by voting to trigger Article 50, but we also appreciate that what is specifically meant by leaving the EU is a fluid, flexible process where we must try and represent the majority of people, not just one opinion.

What is absolutely clear, is that this Conservative government is failing us all. Badly. As each day passes, it seems our negotiating hand becomes weaker and weaker because of how incompetent this government is. Theresa May has no authority or strength of leadership. She has no agreement on the way forward, and appears to be scaring UK businesses with every new announcement/lack of announcement.

It is noticeable how it is only the mega businesses, the huge corporate powers and elites that do not want Labour to govern. This is because they know that we have the best interests of the majority of UK businesses and UK citizens as our guiding light, which means the super rich having to pay a bit more to level the playing field. That this appears to be such an issue for them speaks volumes!

The EU itself has met Labour several times now as they know we are a government in waiting and that there is every chance that soon it will be one failure too far for Theresa May and the Conservative party. Now the EU know we are ready, willing and very, very able. The sooner we have Labour negotiating on these matters, the better the deal will be for all of us. Until then, we must continue to be the collective, strong, demanding opposition we are, because the UK deserves it and most certainly does not deserve what it is getting now from this Conservative government-consistent failure and humiliation.

Adam Samuels – Clwyd South CLP Media & Community Engagement Representative


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