Labour Continue To Make A Significant Cultural Impact!

Corbyn Thumbs Up

“Mr Grathwohl said youthquake’s use in Britain peaked during the June general election, after polls delivered a better-than-expected result for the Labour party.”

The quote & above photo are from this BBC article, explaining why ‘Youthquake’ has made it into the Oxford English Dictionary, thanks in no small part to Jeremy Corbyn & Labour.

As we move forward, we are seeing how it is Labour often setting the agenda, by both driving & reflecting the zietgiest. This has not gone unnoticed by the younger generation, who, for the first time in a long, long time, felt there was a person and a party who understood them and had their best interests at heart.

Of course it is not just the younger generation now seeing this, but it was their energy and participation that helped drive this fantastic Movement forward. From drawing attention to tax-dodging, to cancelling Saudi prison contracts, to focussing on the failures of tax credit removal & universal credit roll-out, to a progressive foreign policy, to reflecting the country’s rejection of austerity, Labour are leading the way.

When Jeremy Corbyn was first elected as Labour leader, I wrote about how it was essential that this had happened; he would act as an anchor to the runaway Capitalism-on-steroids train that is Neo Liberal economics. I don’t think even Labour’s biggest critics would deny that this is happening. There is now the political space and political intent for essential change. Without him, this would not have been the case.

But, as Jeremy Corbyn himself says, of course it is not just about him. He created the space, the focus for the Movement and the unprecedented strength to maintain that political space and progressive politics. Now it is all of us Labour members & supporters, perhaps best explained by the ‘Youthquake’, that are positioning Labour as the only viable option to govern the UK going forward. This has always been, and can only succeed as, a collective Movement.

While these are very scary times in many ways, they are also great times for potential opportunity. If the leader of a political party can draw the biggest crowd of anyone ‘performing’ at Glastonbury, if the younger generations see hope they have not before, and if now even the Oxford English Dictionary is noting the cultural impact, then we know we are on the progressive path to change, and, circumstances allowing, political, economic and societal change; better lives for all of us.

In Solidarity, Adam Samuels – Clwyd South CLP Media & Community Engagement Representative

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