What Is Austerity & Why Do We Have It?


Someone recently asked what austerity actually is. My response was that, in a generalised & simplistic form, it is taking money, resources, infrastructure & facilities/amenities from those who need it most (along with their dignity in some cases), and passing it on via tax cuts and subsidies for those who need it least; this being a (not actually needed, but ideological choice) response to some of those who need it least, failing us all through their greed & incompetence. i.e. Unjustly & not at all necessary punishing of the many, for the unpunished crimes and decisions of the few.
A more ‘official’ definition comes from the Cambridge Dictionary:
“A difficult economic situation caused by a government reducing the amount of money it spends.”
The Conservative party think this is fair. They think this is the only way. They lie about the alternative being an unrealistic ‘utopia’, while then continuing to escalate this current, absurd, elitist utopia for the richest and/or guilty! That, my friends, is the main reason both the Tories & the right and the mainstream media lie/abuse/character assassinate Jeremy Corbyn & Labour. Because we are a threat to their utopia, by wanting more equality.
They then attempt to divide us all: working v unemployed, disabled v non-disabled, working class v middle class, migrants v ‘natives’, refugees v everyone else, White v Black/Asian/Latino etc, those of one faith v those of another faith etc etc. They can only do this if we keep letting them.
If we want a higher living standard for all, better infrastructure for all, more secure jobs & worker’s rights for all, a free, better funded NHS for all, a better environmental policy, a dialogue-first/force as last resort foreign policy (Isis/Daesh aside-we need to stop the money going to them, stop buying their oil, stop selling weapons that then end up in their hands & used against our troops), a better education for all, rather than segregation….then there is literally only one solution…
A Jeremy Corbyn-led Labour party.
Don’t let the lies of the Conservatives/right wing/media make you think that your community needs to be divided, and certain parts of your community blamed.
Please show strength & solidarity. #JC4PM #TORIESOUT
Adam Samuels – Clwyd South CLP Media & Community Engagement Representative

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