A Message of Hope and Solidarity for 2018

Let’s work together towards a better 2018 …

Let’s face it: the last few years have been pretty bad by anyone’s judgement!  So what does this new year have to offer?  Well, without us, probably not much – not much to look forward to anyway!

The list of ways in which the Tories are tearing this country apart is a long one:  our NHS is being sold off to profiteers; the economy is in tatters and the burden is being felt, not by those who caused it, but by the people who can least afford it; the divide between our country’s small elite and the rest of us has never been greater; homelessness and rough sleeping is at record levels; our schools are falling apart and education underfunded; our streets are becoming unsafe; workers’ rights are being stripped away for the elite’s benefit; parts of our so-called free press  have descended into fascism .… oh yes, and then there’s the utter shambles that is Brexit!

And that’s just a few examples!  One thing’s for sure: if we stand back and let it all happen, 2018 can only get worse.

And yet, amongst the rubble of Tory Britain, there is hope …

The last couple of years have seen the resurgence of a strong, principled, socialist Labour Party – both nationally and here in Clwyd South.  Under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, we now see focus, direction and clear thinking at the heart of Labour’s plans (https://labour.org.uk/issues/).  With each passing month, as Tory lies are laid bare, our numbers are increasing and we know where we’re going … towards forming the government this county needs.

It’s late in the day, but there’s time yet: the NHS can be saved; the economy can be turned around to be one in which we all share;  people can have places to live and their children properly educated … and, yes, Britain can yet play a constructive role in the world of the 21st century.

But we need to work together …

So, in 2018, let’s all do what we can:

• If you’re a Labour supporter but not a party member, then join: https://join.labour.org.uk/.  We’ll be in touch as quickly as we can and you can take it from there …

• If you’re a Labour Party member but haven’t yet got involved then please do.  Come to the next CLP meeting at George Edwards Hall at 7pm on Friday 19th January and say hello.  We’re a friendly bunch: you’ll feel at home!

• And, if you’ve been doing all this for a good while anyway, well … THANK YOU!  It’s a long haul at times but we’re on the up now.  Deep breaths, gritted teeth and into 2018 with positivity and enthusiasm – we’ll get there!

And, together, we can get the vile Tories out of Number 10 Downing Street and Jeremy Corbyn and his team in.  Let’s do it; let’s do it together.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year: for the many, not the few,

Vic Grout

Chair, Clwyd South Labour Party

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