Please Help Remove This Dangerous Government


You think we live in a free society? We don’t have a media that comes even close to being representative of the population’s views. It is absolutely not a coincidence, though not the only factor, that the relative easy ride this horrific government gets and ommission from the MSM of the llllloooonnnnggggg list of their appalling, consciously repressive policies & actions is a shame on this great country, mean that this Conservative government remain in power.

This Conservative government are the most incompetent, repressive, out-of-touch, regressive, prejudiced, elitest regime I have known in my lifetime. They are, literally, consciously, killing people-just ask the BMJ. They are actively going out of their way to escalate poverty & inequality. Given the hysteria, lies and abuse, that Labour under Corbyn is still ahead in the polls, is nothing short of a miracle. Now that the broadcasting media are outside of their general election legal obligations, we see the continuation of this full-on smear campaign against Corbyn, Labour & it’s supporters. We even see the return of the internal briefings to the press from people who cannot accept being consistently wrong, and ideologically redundant.

If this country continues to be run as it is, with mainstream media coverage as it is, then society collapses. It is that serious. How dare ignorant, complicit society-wreckers continue to blame the very people trying to save us all from this mess. How dare these charlatans bring my country and my community down with their complicit hate-mongering propaganda and then try and frame Labour, Corbyn and this Movement for doing the very opposite of the labels attached to us.

Know this-society is changing, significantly; economically, socially and politically. All anyone asks for is fair play. Balance. Stop lying about us, stop lying about policies, character, history and methods used. We are going nowhere, and only increasing in number the more people realise how basic common sense is in no way extreme. We already know from the many polls our critics seem to love, that we are on the same page ideologically with the majority of the country re policies. Consistently.

We also know from the same polls, and hundreds of thousands of first-hand experiences, that a huge amount of the negative opinions re Corbyn, Labour and us are, literally, based on complete and utter lies; mis-information pumped into every available orifice, constantly, 24/7, has an affect. It is time for those consciously lying to take responsibility for their lies. The more you do it, the more people die. It. Is. That. Simple. The more you attack those trying to reverse predudice & austerity, the more you stick mud to the wall.

I would go as far as to say that you don’t have to like Corbyn, Labour or us. But I assume you do like the NHS? Free education of a high standard? Decent wages, pensions, working conditions? Having access to a home of your own? I don’t think 20+ years (as now confirmed by the government’s own statements) of RECEEDING & STAGNATING wages as it will be by the 2020s with people on LESS money than in 2007!!! is an acceptable or necessary thing. I don’t think the slowest growing economy in the G7, missing EVERY SINGLE economic target, record homelessness, record child poverty, suicides, foodbank usage increasing from 41,000 to over 1.3 million is acceptable, is necessary, in any way; especially when the richest have literally doubled their wealth in the same period.

If you continue to accept this as necessary and ‘normal’, then you are complicit in this. Are you honestly telling me that this is in any way acceptable or necessary?! While the world economies around us continue to grow? If one more ignorant self-serving idiot tells me “they should work harder, they just want free stuff, they are lazy, I don’t know anyone using a foodbank therefore they don’t exist” etc etc…

You think the alternative to this is an “unrealistic utopia”?!?!?! Wake up! Stop  what is destroying us. Stop judging everyone else by your own privilege. Stop beliving the mainstream media and open your eyes. In short, stop being a part of destroying this country and the futures of us all. Start to think what is best for us all. What is economically & environmentally unsustainable. Why holding open your hand to others, rather than making a fist, is the only way forward. Why working collectively rather than individually helps us all. Why thinking of others is not some hippie idealism, but basic common sense.

In the 1940s under Clement Attlee’s Labour, when the country was even more broke, folk realised collectivism was the only way forward. We also formed the NHS, Welfare State & a National Education System. All while being told it was a “unrealistic utopia” that we “can’t afford it & it will bankrupt us”, that we will destroy things for future generations-with every generation actually being better off than the one before, in reality. Until now. Until the public were complicit in believing the lies our ancestors rejected in the 1940s. Please wake up and please help us stand united to get rid of those destroying our society, before it is too late.


The people united will never be defeated!

In solidarity. Adam Samuels – Clwyd South Labour Party Media & Community Engagement Representative

3 thoughts on “Please Help Remove This Dangerous Government”

  1. Well said Adam.You omitted to say that the Conservative and Unionist Party are complicit in murder and should be jailed.


  2. Please remove this government i have seen first hand what they do i had to wait 8 months for a review that was found in my favour


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