Enough Is Enough! We Deserve A Lot Better Than This!


Forget party politics, it has now reached the point where these people in government are beyond that. As individuals, they are dangerously incompetent and detached. The appointments being made, and defended, are absurd in some cases. I mean, genuinely out-there bonkers. This is, without question, by a country mile, the worst set of individuals (and that is the key word) in my lifetime that have ever held office.

What is very, very worrying is this is the best they have apparently???!!! They don’t have anyone to replace these lot! Surely, an election needs to be forced?! How on earth can these people continue to run our NHS, public services and negotiate our leaving of the EU?! Look, I don’t agree with Conservative ideology, obviously, but I do give credit to those Tory officials, and supporters/voters who are saying that even they cannot support this lot.

I genuinely do not think I have been more scared re a government in charge. As I say, this goes beyond the usual party politics, for me now. It is absolutely vital, via internal Conservative machinations, or a General Election, that these individuals are removed as soon as possible. We deserve far, far better than this.

In Solidarity – Adam Samuels – Clwyd South Labour Party Media & Community Engagement Representative

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