“I Just Don’t Get It?!” V “How Do I Join?”

Corbyn Hope

Right-Wing Politicians/’The Elite’ – delete as desired:
“We have repeatedly lied for years, we have scapegoated migrants, refugees, the poor, the homeless, disabled people, people on benefits and the EU (whichever way you voted). We have created wars to increase our economic growth and continue The British Empire! We have protected those actually causing most of this, and rewarded them significantly with benefits-yes, billions in public money-for failing on the biggest scale possible. BUT, we appear to be smooth and media trained so well when dealing with the media-in fact we have pandered to our 90% right wing media for years.
“We wear suits, ties and shiny shoes. Now, how and why is Jeremy Corbyn popular?! I. Just. Don’t. Get. It. I mean, what do they see in him???!!! We have the best system now-only last week I bought a hot tub for my second home on expenses! People need to wake up and keep supporting us! When will they realise that having properly funded public services, a home to live in, access to a stable, decently-paid job, decent environmental policies and a sensible foreign policy is a fantasy utopia that cannot be achieved?! I mean, it’s not as if we did a lot of those things in the 1940’s under Attlee’s Labour government when we truly were broke, is it?! So what, they formed the NHS, Welfare State and a National Education System….as I say, I just don’t get it?!”
Thankfully we do. Let us keep our Movement growing. Be a part of history. Have a say and actually be listened to. We ALL contributed to the brilliant 2017 General Election Manifesto. You can, and will, make a valuable contribution by joining us. You can directly help us to change things for the better. You have seen the mess the country is in; so let’s change it! Please click HERE to find out how.

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