The Carillion Situation? That’s Just Normal Corporate/Conservative Culture


Carillion: The absurd & obscene bonuses being paid now, and for many months to come, to the big wigs are NOT linked to company performance. To put that in perspective, while 20,000+ workers who have done their jobs worry if they have a job & whether they can feed their families, the people responsible for failing them, us and many other businesses are getting paid massive amounts of extra money. Think about that. What is even more worrying is that this is normal corporate/Tory culture!
Remember the banking crisis…of course you do, you are still paying for it now economically and socially. We all are. Our public services are. Well, none of those (not legally charged) ‘criminals’ went to jail. In fact, some of them were made Conservative Peers in the House of Lords and then voted against helping the very people whose lives they helped destroy, while enjoying massive payouts & bonuses as a reward for crashing the world economy. Again, this is normal corporate/Tory culture.
What we absolutely, clearly know is that this will never change if people keep voting for the Conservatives. Only Labour under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership will act and do whatever is within their power to change this culture and hold responsible those who seemingly exist outside of the rule of law, common sense and dignity. It is as simple as this: Back Corbyn’s Labour or continue to see the dismantling & selling off of our country for years to come. The evidence is abundant; don’t take our word for it, look around you. Please do not be a silent accomplice, none of us can afford any apathy or support for this dangerously incompetent government.
In Solidarity,
Adam Samuels – Clwyd South Labour Party Media & Community Engagement Representative

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