This Must Change! A Call To Arms!


This! Must! Change!!! Advocating more of the same is morally reprehensible. Unless we actually take changing things seriously, these enormous socio-economical divides will only increase. It is time to stop defending Neo Liberal turbo-charged Capitalism. It is time, in this country, to stop supporting this Conservative government. This is really, really serious, and ANY vote for a Conservative government is one step closer to a further divide. In terms of the UK, it really is that simple. Please pass this on to those you know are Tories. Aside of the odd article, the mainstream media (MSM) are most certainly not going to do it for you-this modern political world needs YOU to be the “Can’t someone else do it, I’m too busy, I don’t understand politics etc”. YOU need to be that someone, then YOU become part of a much bigger WE.

If you do not know anything about politics, and have little interest (let us be honest, for the most part, politics is consciously made unappealing, complicated and boring so we DON’T know what is going on, and just lap up the scraps we notice from the MSM and diversionary tactics used by those in power), please still get involved. No one will mock you-you will be made to feel welcome. There are LOADS of people who will not mind you asking any questions you like, as often as you like. There will be plenty of support, and plenty of people in a similar situation to you. Please do not be put off getting involved, as it is the only way we can, and will, change things.

Gone are the days when we just bother about politics around election time. Don’t fear the potential mocking and derision-any individual or any group of people who wish to change things are always treated this way. Often most by those in our communities. There were times when anyone who suggested the world was not flat, were called lunatics, deluded, extremists etc. What Labour under Jeremy Corbyn wish to do has been labelled in such ways. If you think having a free, fully funded NHS, free, good quality education, access to housing, a secure and reasonably-paid job and spending our public money on the aforementioned and not endless, needless damaging wars that only make us less safe…or subsidising multi-millionaires & billionaires using money from the poor, disabled, unemployed etc to pay for it, is far “hard left” or “extreme” or a “fantasy land”, then maybe you need to take a step back & think; it is basic common sense. It can only happen if you don’t believe those telling you it can’t.

As with the right to vote, women’s rights, human rights, disability rights, paid holidays, maternity leave, days off work…all these things were “hard left”, “extreme” and an unobtainable “fantasy land”…until they weren’t. in 1945 Labour gained power when the country was truly broke-our debt levels were more than 200% of what we produced (GDP)….yet in that period of office, Clement Atlee’s Labour formed the NHS, the Welfare State and a National Education system. They were told “they’ll bankrupt the country!, this isn’t possible, it’s dangerous and will make the lives worse of those it is supposed to help” etc etc. Despite several attempts to batter them out of exist, all 3 of those magnificent achievements still exist today. JUST. But ONLY because people united, refused to listen to the nay-sayers and doom-merchants. If they could do it then when the country was in a far worse state, and if we can afford hundreds of billions for wars and subsidising the richest people, bribes to the DUP and much more, then we absolutely CAN afford these National treasures we hold dear.

Think to yourself-WHY are the powers that be deriding Corbyn and Labour? WHY do you see/hear wall-to-wall lies, smears and character assassinations? WHY are they trying to rubbish things that have been done successfully several times? Maybe, just maybe, it is because in order to continue the current elite/super rich utopia, it relies on us believing them, and not those actually telling the truth & trying to put this utter madness & inequality into reverse. Just take a minute or two to think: Please join us as failure is not an option.

The Labour Party has seen it’s membership more than triple since Jeremy Corbyn became leader in September 2015, to nearly 600,000 full members, making Labour the biggest political party in Western Europe. Including all affiliates, this number is approx double that amount!

To join Labour:



In Solidarity – Adam Samuels, Clwyd South Labour Party Media & Community Engagement Representative

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