Privatising The NHS: If You Want Explanations, Please Allow 27 Seconds To Watch This Video


Despite denial after denial, and despite obvious evidence to the contrary; how obvious can you get when the Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, co-wrote a book on privatising the NHS!!!, it is becoming more obvious with the current, genuine NHS crisis, that what you are about to see in a video, explains a lot. I won’t lie, it’s worrying.

THIS VIDEO is a 27 second reminder from one of the most brilliant minds alive today, the genius Noam Chomsky. In the video he explains the method used to bring the public onside, conning us into believing privatisation is the only answer. The example he uses is that of Margaret Thatcher and the railways before they were eventually privatised under Conservative prime Minister John Major.

Please share this article, so people can see THIS VIDEO, and see just how essential it is that we do not allow this process to happen, and that we are strong & informed enough to resist the inevitable “We must have a grown up conversation about NHS funding…No one loves the NHS more than me, but we have to be realistic, we’re all getting older…clearly significant reform of funding is needed” etc etc. In other words “We want to privatise the NHS”. We must never let that happen. Not is any more small stages, or not en masse.

With thanks to The Pileus & Red Labour.

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