Disabled Parking Charges In Wrexham Paused Thanks To Labour Party Members & Labour Councillors


We are pleased to announce that thanks to the determined campaigning of Labour Party members and Labour councillors/elected officials & others, Wrexham council has paused the introduction of parking charges for blue badge holders. CLICK HERE for the full story.

Local disability campaigner & Labour party member, Nathan Lee Davies (Seen Above), started a hugely successful petition (CLICK HERE), which has so far seen almost 1300 sign and show their support. This petition, along with the excellent work done by Labour councillors, pressure from elected Labour officials and others, has seen Wrexham council roll-back on their intentions to introduce ill-conceived parking charges for disabled people. Though this is not the end of the process, it is encouraging to see that the Labour family has shown their collective strength in forcing this decision.

Nathan is an incredibly popular local figure, and was keen to express his thanks to all concerned: “It is very pleasing to hear that we are being taken seriously, and that full consideration is going to be given to what would be a highly unpopular move, and one, quite frankly, that is hard to justify. I would like to acknowledge the huge support I have received from my fellow Labour party members and friends from all over the area, and to all the councillors and elected officials who continue to support us with this campaign: both Labour and other parties.

“I would like to single out my brilliant fellow campaigners from the North East Wales Branch of Welsh Labour Grassroots (Momentum in Wales), who always go above and beyond in their support, and this campaign is a good example of that with them helping me to put the petition together and get the message out there. We are all Labour party members, from various different Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs) and I am incredibly proud to call them all friends. Together, as Labour, WLG and other sympathetic groups, we have proven that people power can, and does, make a difference. These days there really is no excuse not to get involved.

“Of course this is not about me, though. This is about all disabled people, and the battle goes on. This campaign feeds into the main campaign to SAVE THE WELSH INDEPENDENT LIVING GRANT (SWILG), which is an absolutely vital movement and a campaign that must be won. I implore people to come along to our completely free Community Day on Saturday 3rd February 1PM onwards at Set The Bar next to Wrexham bus station (SEE BELOW FLYER). Once again, the Labour/WLG members have just been superb in organising this.

We currently have a fantastic exhibition on in Theatre Clwyd, Mold (CLICK HERE),which we are proud to have put together. I would encourage everyone to get involved with us on this SWILG campaign. People like the film maker Ken Loach, to performers like Attila The Stockbroker, to some English & Welsh MPs and AMs, to Welsh Labour Grassroots/Momentum to the local Labour parties in Clwyd South and Wrexham have given their full, official support. I cannot tell you how much that means to me and thousands like me. It really does; as I say, this is a campaign we simply cannot afford to lose. Once again, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has supported both the disabled parking and SWILG campaigns so far.”

You can sign the petition to stop charging disabled people to park HERE, and the SWILG Community Entertainment & Info day details are below.


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