Wrexham council declare, “we just don’t know what we’re doing”

Yesterday, the Tory/Independent run Wrexham County Borough Council declared that they just don’t know what they’re doing.

Towards the end of last year Clwyd South CLP Vice Chair for Membership, Angie Hammons made a request of WCBC in regards to how they’re dealing with the homeless crisis hitting Wrexham currently and how they’re utilising the funds received on the matter. The full list of questions can be seen below, but their one line response was typical of the weak grasp of reality and sense of responsibility that this council executive have, “we don’t hold that information”.

WCBC received £250,000 and an additional portion of a £500,000 budget to help address the homeless crisis. They don’t know what they’ve done with the money.

WCBC set up the GOLD group to help with the homeless crisis in Wrexham. When asked what the group does, what their aims are and how they’re performing, they don’t know what their own group does.

When asked what the council’s own plans where to tackle homelessness over the following year, they don’t know what they’re planning.

In short when pressed with serious questions about serious issues the best we could get from our Tory/Independent council was a shrug of the shoulders. We find this unacceptable and Wrexham deserves better!

2 thoughts on “Wrexham council declare, “we just don’t know what we’re doing””

  1. I blame local Labour Party branches for not fighting some seats hard enough, one I know has always been labour, yet they have an independent councillor, put up candidates and then get the labour voters out, it’s the only way


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