Doctors, Nurses & NHS Staff Have Had Enough-They Are Now Openly Calling On Us All NOT To Vote Conservative

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To be absolutely transparent, the video you are about to see is not affiliated with any political party. The video does not say specifically to ‘Vote Labour’.

It comes to something when you have top medical Specialists protesting on our streets against this Conservative government. Now, fed up with getting nowhere with the Tories, and with the NHS under the Conservatives getting worse by the day, the time has come when Doctors, Nurses & NHS Staff have become so genuinely worried, that they are now openly calling on all of us NOT to vote for the Conservative party. Things have become so bad, these NHS professionals felt they needed to make a stand PLEASE SEE BELOW VIDEO):

I would remind people that Jeremy Hunt, the Health and also now Social Care minister co-wrote a book on privatising the NHS (CLICK HERE). Is it a coincidence that he was put in that position? That he is being KEPT in that position? Is it a coincidence that we are seeing very conscious, deliberate underfunding of the NHS? You know, like the Tories did over many years with the railways, until it gets to the point where it SEEMS privatisation is the only option! Add to this that at Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs), Theresa May point blank refused to rule out the NHS being part of any trade deal with the USA post-Brexit (CLICK HERE), and you start to see an alarming pattern that completely contradicts the words May, Hunt et al use in public.

I wish to offer heartfelt praise to the individuals in the above video, and thank them for being brave enough to make such a public stand. I also wish to offer them the maximum thanks and praise possible working in unnecessarily more difficult conditions, because of this callous, heartless Conservative government. Labour is the party that formed the NHS, has supported the NHS in it’s 70 year history, and the one that will save the NHS at the earliest possible opportunity, with the support and votes of the UK public.

Thank you everyone working on our behalf in the NHS & solidarity with you all.

Adam Samuels – Clwyd South Media & Community Engagement Representative

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