Wrexham Labour Group Propose Alternative Council Budget

Wrexham’s Labour councillors have suggested radical changes to the wasteful and discriminatory budget proposed by the Tory/Independent-led Council. The current Tory/Independent Executive is aiming to make schools, disabled people and dog-walkers cough up for pay rises for senior councillors and officers but Labour councillors are having none of this nonsense. Their counter-proposal is for a budget that offers:

  • An extra £500,000 for Wrexham’s secondary schools
  • Scrapping planned parking charges for disabled people
  • Scrapping plans to charge for parking at our country parks
  • Creating a new supported public travel fund
  • Reducing the number of senior councillors
  • Much needed additional funding to the schools music budget

Wrexham Labour Leader Dana Davies has proposed the improved budget plan

The full proposal can be read here and we can make up our own minds. But, as usual when dealing with Wrexham’s Tories and Independents, it comes down to this: do we want our money spent on the people of Wrexham or perks for Wrexham’s decision-makers?

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