Who Even Runs Wrexham Council – A Handy Mythbuster

This week Wrexham County Borough Council voted to secure themselves a payrise at the expense to the vital tourists that our Country Parks attract and, more callously, the disabled of our community. Senior members of the council attacked and deliberately misinterpreted a genuine attempt to soften the blow from the cuts, that will be felt by each and everyone of us across the county, in the form of the Labour Groups alternative budget.

So who is actually pulling the strings? Comments on social media and made on the streets suggest there is still a belief that Labour are the controlling party on Wrexham’s Council. Labour have been in opposition since 2014, when a selection of the then Labour Group decided to go “Independent”, by siding with the Conservatives on almost every issue.

Our member, Zoe Clarke, has put together this piece to help shed some light on just who is running Wrexham Council. The infographic below and following text should help address the confusion around the “Independent”/Conservative group at the helm of WCBC.

Some may be surprised to see there are NO Labour councillors on the Executive Board. This means Wrexham is currently run by an Independent & Conservative administration. This maybe even more surprising due to the fact there were 12 Labour councillors elected and only 9 Conservative.

As you can see not all “Independents” are in fact fully independent. There are two groups that have several independents aligned with each other. This unfortunately means that, as with the political parties, it is highly likely they will vote under the whip of their group when decisions are to be made. Ask yourself, is it right for someone to stand in an election under the premise of being independent, with the promise to put their community as their priority, only to then align with others once elected?

We have a great respect for the two, truly independent councillors who have not aligned with either group. We are Labour members and supporters but despite being of a different political belief to councillors of other parties, we respect them for their honesty and openness as to what their political views are. They could have easily chosen to hide their political leanings and stood as an ‘independent’ candidate, if only to confound the electorate.

We urge the people of Wrexham, when it is time for another local election, DO YOUR RESEARCH. Speak with all the candidates and dont stop asking them questions. The absence of a political party next to a candidate’s name DOES NOT mean they have no political views and beliefs or alignment.

A lot of people may not be interested in politics but you can be rest assured that politics affects almost every aspect of your life. Matters like your health, your children’s education, the environment around you, your rights at work and the money you take home at the end of every week/month, to name but a few.

Your Vote is Your Voice

#PeoplePower #Vote #ForTheManyNotTheFew

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