Defend Ty Mawr Country Park

Cefn Mawr Labour Party have sprung into action to defend the Ty Mawr Country Park from the proposed cuts as part of Wrexham County Borough Council’s latest budget.
An excellent campaign meeting was held on Wednesday 28 March, where 70 to 80 local people attended to voice their concerns. The meeting was led by Community Councillor Liz Parry, who is also Chair of Cefn Mawr Labour Party. Important contributions were given from members of the public in attendance, who care greatly about the Park and are concerned about its future.
It was agreed unanimously to form an Action Group to take the campaign forward and to hold regular meetings. It was perhaps a different kind of Public Meeting with very useful contributions from the floor.
The first meeting of the Action Group will take place after the Easter break. Cefn Mawr Community Social Club (the Legion) is again kindly letting us use a room. There were a number of ‘Actions’ suggested and all of these will be looked at by the Group. Its good to be doing something positive to try to save our Park.
For further information, please contact via our webpage or Facebook. Also keep a close eye on our pages for regular updates.

2 thoughts on “Defend Ty Mawr Country Park”

  1. Don’t let anyone tell you there is no alternative to cuts. Have you noticed how the cuts don’t seem to fall on the wealthy and powerful? In fact the most vulnerable people suffer the worst cuts. This not ok. It does not have be this way. We must stand together and resist this.


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