Clwyd South CLP source of “leaked MOD memo” in Sunday Express FAKE NEWS facepalm

In these days of sensationalist headlines designed to push the political agenda of the billionaires controlling the press, it is becoming increasingly difficult to decipher between what is true and what is a load of old cobblers! Well this last weekend the Sunday Express got so confused between what is true and what is fake that they decided to print a true story with just a touch of fake news.

Like myself, I don’t think many of our followers stoop so low as to read the Express, so you can imagine my surprise when a friend of mine told me I had been quoted directly in there. Of course I hadn’t been quoted directly, thats where the fake news joined with fact. What I have been quoted as saying is factually correct, it’s just the source of the quote used was a letter I wrote to our MP, Susan Elan Jones, which was read out in parliament and not in fact a leaked MOD memo as claimed by the Express.

That aside, the sharing of the comments serves an important purpose. The concerns I raised of the state of our Royal Navy are genuine. I spent ten years in our military and never has our level of manning or operational capability been so desperate. The full transcript I wrote can be found HERE, where I explain in detail some of the serious issues being faced by the Royal Navy. Clearly not a leaked memo!

It is here why I feel it is important that the true source of this “leaked memo” is distinguished. Here in Labour and also as a member of Welsh Labour Grassroots/Momentum, we’re often regarded as beetroot wielding, cardigan wearing, beardy lefties. And I am. The point being however, we are also deadly serious about the nature of our nation’s defence and, just as importantly, those persons tasked with maintaining it. Whilst we oppose the gung-ho and quite frankly dangerous attitudes of our incumbent government, we also recognise that in order to provide security to our nation we need well maintained, up to date and state of the art equipment. Otherwise our servicemen and women, despite the absolute world class attributes they possess in their respective fields, are unable to safely go about their jobs! Myself and Susan Elan Jones MP worked hard on getting this message in to parliament.

This is a fine example of how Labour and WLG/Momentum are holding this government to account for their callous and ill thought out austerity agenda. Susan Elan Jones said at the time of the defence debate, “Alex speaks for all of us who believe in a better, safer world with properly-resourced armed forces. These are views the Government must listen to if it serious about defence and supporting the men and women who stand up for our security every day of the year.”

Alex Mitsiaras

IT Coordinator

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