Less Than A Quarter Of UK Citizens Polled Support Airstrikes In Syria, So Can We Please Now Have A Reasoned Debate?


I don’t think many people have any time for the Syrian leader, Bashar al-Assad, or the Russian leader Vladimir Putin, at all. However, given that we are now told we actually don’t have any concrete proof Assad used chemical weapons against his own people (CLICK HERE), despite the bombings and Western response, I think Jeremy Corbyn/Labour’s reasoned, measured response is absolutely the sensible approach. Again. Wanting to follow international law and due process should, surely, always be the basis of our approach?
We must also say that while, of course we are not saying Assad has not committed the actions he is accused of, or that he is not capable of doing so (again, I know of no one who is a supporter of Assad within Labour-or without), we must also question that the footage seen of the alleged attacks was provided by the Army Of Islam (aka the Sword Of Islam) who themselves were accused of using chemical weapons again the Kurdish people in 2016 (the AOM controlled the area at the time). Syria and its main ally, Russia, gave the OK for the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons to investigate the site in Douma, too (CLICK HERE). Also, why is it that we in the UK are supporting the Army Of Islam?
Yes, Parliament is in recess, but for such an important decision, I find it astonishing that Theresa May apparently intends to bypass a vote in Parliament and plough ahead supporting military action, regardless. To be very clear-any one who commits any kind of appalling act, such as the one alleged, must take responsibility for said, alleged, actions, if proven. That must be made clear. So, it does make one wonder why the rush to bypass parliament? If the evidence is there, then does that not make the government’s case stronger? Again, let us take a step back and think of the short-term and long-term implications, especially based on recent history.
We would need to know how specifically bombing or military action would improve the situation. We would need to know the short term and long-term plan. What are ALL potential consequences? As an example, what would happen if Russian military personal were killed in any such attacks? What would happen if, again, innocent civilians are killed in any such attacks?
We must also draw comparisons here with other recent, and on-going events. Why the UK government almost total silence on events in Yemen, Gaza and Turkey?
Though it is only one poll, and though polling has lost a lot of credibility these last few years!, based on the caption above, we can see that the UK public appears to be on a very different page to most of the UK mainstream media, and more importantly, this Conservative government. So, can we please take a collective step back and really think things through; not be rail-roaded into decisions based on a wall of noise from the media and government? Or ‘false-flag patriotism’? Can we react based on a collective, informed, evidence-based, measured response? We MUST start learning lessons from the past. It seems the UK public agree with this, too. It should not be controversial, surely, to suggest such things?! To NOT ask these questions would be very unpatriotic indeed, given the potential involvement of our forces in some way and the potential consequences short-term and long-term for those brave, brilliant people who protect us, our citizens, and other innocent people. I am sure we are all proud of where we come from and what we stand for, so it is essential we ask these basic questions; especially as any potential  actions are done in our name. 

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