A Must-Watch Video On The Media & Labour: Why We Need To Keep Fighting For Even A Basic Level Of Balance


The above caption is a very recent example of just how bizarre and partisan things have become. Note that Jeremy Corbyn attended the Stephen Lawrence Memorial the day in question.

I could write several articles relating to the headline of this particular piece-there is enough information and evidence to keep the discussion going for years! As a Labour member, and someone of ‘The Left’, I think it is vital to point out how utterly absurd things are becoming in the mainstream media. I think this is best done by watching the  great interview between Aaron Bastani of Novara Media (CLICK HERE) and the journalist, Labour member & campaigner Owen Jones (CLICK HERE) in the video further down this page.

If you don’t have the full 30 minutes to spare, I would implore all to at least watch from 13 mins 15 secs to 19 mins.

The very worrying and downright dangerous stigmatising of those on The Left is a genuine threat to democracy. What is more, it is a demonisation of a group of people who number way more than those doing the demonising. We can speculate as to why they are doing this, and indeed I will; if you cannot win the arguments, do all you can to discredit those winning the arguments and scare people into rejecting whatever they say without even hearing it.

Those criticising are often, to a quite astonishing level, hypocrites and hate peddlers. Not all, many use the veil of pretending to be ‘Left’ to add an authority to what they say-all of the aforementioned, almost without exception, are and were wrong about almost every single major call from the last two decades…yet here they are, given a platform of someone in a majority, denouncing those who history has consistently proven to be correct time after time, as “useful idiots”.

What I say to those deluded commentators, journalists, editors and producers is that no one is, or should be, above criticism and scrutiny. That is healthy in any democracy. We are not asking for special favours, just a very basic level of impartiality. Very, very clearly we do not have that. We will continue to succeed with or without you. But don’t say you were not warned that the dinosaurs are always the last ones to see the meteor coming….

In Solidarity & with thanks to Novara Media & Owen Jones.

Adam Samuels – Clwyd South Labour Party Media & Community Engagement Representative

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