Support Labour? Be Prepared For The ‘New’ Attack Narrative…

haters gonna hate

OK, listen up Labour supporters…the new(ish) angle from the haters (I choose that word carefully-not those who offer constructive comment, pro or anti) is going to be the old ‘divide & conquer’ attempt. There is almost certainly going to be a wider narrative tagged onto whatever the Local Election results are next week. This narrative will be something like “Even his own, most die-hard supporters are now seeing that Jeremy Corbyn has taken the project as far has he can and it’s time for new blood…his supporters are getting frustrated by him being side-tracked by all these issues of him not dealing with anti-Semitism, saying Assad is not responsible for the chemical attacks, supporting Putin etc”.
That will be the broad narrative. How will it be tied into the Local Election results? Well, Labour did very well last time these particular seats came up for election. There are not a huge amount of gains to be made! So, even if Labour perform ‘well’ or ‘relatively well’, it will be viewed as a failure.
Of course, you will also note that Corbyn has absolutely NOT supported either Assad or Putin, and that while no one would say there are not anti-Semitism issues to sort, and that ANY is too much,ย Labour is actually the LEAST anti-Semitic of the main political parties!!! (CLICK HERE). But, as they have already, theย outright lies from the haters, will be tied into a bigger narrative that will be relentless. Please remember, lies and the whole ‘no smoke without fire’ saying will continue-“Throw enough mud at the walls and some will stick” etc…You will also, of course, be aware that had Corbyn not responded, in detail, to those things the haters will frame as ‘distractions’, he would rightly have been condemned. So, damned if you do…
This focus on separating us from Corbyn will gain Momentum (pun intended); and although they will never stop doing this, and will go even more full-throttle than trying to pass off blatant lies as fact, in doing so the haters are proving they have already failed in trying to get Corbyn to break. So, their ‘Plan B’ is going to be doing all in their power to label, ridicule, tell outrageous lies, character assassinate, de-motivate, EXHAUST and wear us down to the point where we say “I support the Corbyn, but I have had enough of this, sorry…”. Such actions are of course disgusting, explicit bullying and a very conscious effort to break us through mental fatigue, and, if needed, by creating potential full-on mental health issues. My evidence of this? They already have and are doing it with total, completely unfounded lies about us.
So, it is time to once again ‘circle the wagons’; yes, in itself this will then make them refer to us all as a cult. But remember, we are not just dealing with a different political opinion to ours, we are dealing with an actual cult/religion: Neo Liberalism is at its heart. The Westminster/Mainstream Media bubble have their roots deeply embedded in both supporting and promoting an ideology that has become a total, all-consuming religion for the aforementioned. A religion that is losing supporters, and elections (when referring to the ‘Centrism’ aspect of it), everywhere around the world. A religion incapable of adaptation, only ruthless dictatorship. I also accept that sometimes, being so oblivious to their own bias and culture, these haters are not actually aware of how bad they are. But they very much are. Very bad. Some, also, will never be able to understand the Movement-so different is it to what they have known and practised their whole lives.
While Corbyn himself would say this Movement is not about him, but about the ideas, policies and culture that he spearheads, it very much IS about him at the moment. I challenge anybody to name a person that would stick to the policies, culture and progressive thinking like Corbyn, and, perhaps more importantly, be willing to sacrifice their whole life, maintaining genuinely-miracle-like levels of resolve, calmness, thoughtfulness and politeness. I would also remind people that this is the ultra-rare opportunity the Collective Left has been waiting years for. There will be times when we all disagree with certain things. What we must not do, is remove the foundations from underneath this long-term project. The Left is very good at arguing with itself & self-sabotage.
We must ourselves show similar resolve. If we do not, we will be, quite literally, failing millions of people, and not just in the UK. Our movement is very much the inspiration for millions of others around the world. To the complete bafflement, insecurity & disgust of the haters, WE are genuinely changing things, thanks to Corbyn. Of course no one is saying constructive criticism or self-evaluation should be avoided, but what we must remember is that without US, the Movement fails. All the hard-fought advances will be potentially lost. Future generations who could only dream of having a free healthcare system, job stability, a house, a wage that covers bills etc, will look back at us and say “Thanks for messing up our big chance!!!”.
So, those with the opportunity to vote in Local Elections next week (Thursday May 3rd), while sharing/texting/social mediaing/emailing/door-knocking/pub-talking people to vote Labour, must also remember that whatever the results, we MUST remain united. Solid. In support of a long-term project that can ONLY succeed with the support of us all. Please refer back to this if & when the hate-peddling white noise manages to penetrate through to affect you.
The people united will never be defeated.
In Solidarity, re-charging for the oncoming onslaught ๐Ÿ™‚ ,
Adam Samuels – Clwyd South Media & Community Engagement Representative

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