Blinded By Failure, Destroyers Of Hope

What a truly brilliant watch (above). Two great minds here discussing current issues in a very digestible, easy way to understand. I really would describe this clip as ‘MUST WATCH’. So much included here rings absolutely true and is holding a mirror up to what is going on across the planet.
I think an immediate fundamental point, and one we at Clwyd South Labour Party have made before several times, is that until the Establishment/mainstream media bubble stops trying to blame everyone but themselves for our current predicament, we will continue to suffer unnecessarily. Those who voted for the following things did so as the aforementioned are not listening-STILL: So, Trump, Brexit, the rise of Le Pen in France, the rise of the far right in Germany again, Wilders’ rise in The Netherlands, Hungary, Italy, Poland, the rise & expansion of the far right here-Tommy Robinson & the EDL/Britain First/BNP etc etc…
…and on the other side, Corbyn and the astonishing rise & impact of Bernie Sanders in the USA. In the case of both Corbyn & Sanders, basic Social Democratic platforms as seen by the aforementioned failures as “Hard Left”, even “Marxist” & “Communist”. This, of course, immediately highlights just how far right the political zeitgeist has shifted; yet the failures remain in total denial and appear oblivious to this.
The current tactic of those failures, and let us be very clear, for that is what they are, is to blame Russia for Trump’s win, and now Brexit. To blame Corbyn & Sanders, in the case of Corbyn via full-on unprecedented lies/abuse/character assassinations/propaganda and discredit the individual while pining for the “good old days” that barely anyone thought-as many are trying to tell these cretins blinded by privilege now-were the “good old days”. We are living the consequences of “the good old days” now.
What is even more baffling is that those who have been wrong on ALL these issues, STILL maintain the privilege of their position. Both the creators and supporters of failure: the elites and the mainstream media. They still have a loud voice that literally only represents a minority. They still carry the same astonishing levels of arrogance, and still fail to offer anything else but more of the same: “It’s everyone else’s fault but ours, soon they will once again realise we were/are correct” or “when can we get back to normal” etc.
The blinkered stubbornness of their position is literally presenting the platform for our downfall to those only too glad to use it. How long is it going to take until this bubble is popped and they start to breathe in reality and their failures? How about stop focussing ALL the media attention on the distraction that is Donald Trump, and actually pick apart his policies and offer solutions, rather than running around yelling “Trump, eh guys?! Aren’t we ever so smart?!” with their fingers in their ears. Those who voted for Trump, from their view-or at least that is what they consistently tell us-are getting what they want precisely because of those that should be leading, following Trump et al just to point out how terrible he is, while offering NOTHING as a resolution.
As mentioned, those who do offer hope and solutions are decried as being just as naive and stupid as Trump’s followers. Until the failures remove the massive chip from their shoulders, they will continue to strangle and stamp on hope and solutions, while simultaneously allowing the distance between them and the majority to continue to grow.
Totally misplaced cynicism is often our worst enemy; you know those who are offering hope and solutions? Try backing them instead of believing you are above them too, and that hope and common sense are uncool or easy targets for hollow, emotionally redundant, soulless contempt.Offering more of the failure, ignorance, smugness, arrogance, elitism & blindness that got us here is not a solution in any way, shape or form. Unless your ‘solution’ is a far right utopia and the destruction of the planet both literally and in terms of communities & culture/identity.
It is about time those who failed realised this. It is about time those who failed stopped acting as God. It is about time those who failed realised that unless they change their ways, dramatically, they are going to be responsible, at least in a major way, for bringing about the end of ‘society’ as we currently know it; and we know exactly who they will blame for this-literally anyone else but themselves. What’s more, many of them will get handsomely paid for telling us this and being wrong. Again.
In Solidarity with reason, hope & different ideas,
Adam Samuels – Clwyd South Labour Party Media & Community Engagement Representative

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