Just An Opinion…

It’s just an opinion…Brexit…
To be honest, Corbyn is used as a punching bag for everyone. Whatever their anger is caused by. It gets tiresome going around and around. Repeating the same arguments. So, let me be tiresome…I campaigned for and voted for Remain. Yes, I believe some people were not fully aware what they were voting for. But I think that also goes for many voting Remain. I don’t like the way the Referendum, whichever way you voted, has fragmented our country, communities and social groups.
I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion. I have no doubt most people truly, passionately believe what they defend and promote. My side lost, though. Outrageous lies like the NHS money on the side of a bus were totally manipulative, cynical and dishonest. But I also believe this is the fault of the Conservatives and right wing media who have pumped lies into the orifices of us all for decades.
I also know that people were as informed as they could be, and voted Leave for perfectly logical reasons. If we re-ran all elections based on outrageous lies, well I want several re-run, please! For me, the advisory argument is a non-starter; nobody, and I mean nobody, in the official or non-official campaigns said this Referendem was was only advisory. At least nobody I have noted. I don’t want to Leave, but I do believe we either believe in democracy or we don’t. By not listening to many people, informed or ’not’ informed, the Establishment have ultimately failed enough people and this is part of the consequence.
Personally, because of many, many historical examples where we didn’t listen, I trust Jeremy Corbyn. He has wwwwaaaayyyy more than earned my trust. Two thirds of Labour voters voted Remain-Corbyn kept that level throughout, Cameron lost Tories hand over fist and ended up in the low 40s percentages in terms of Tories voting Remain. Also, as literally every vote counted, it is the most democratic election I have ever participated in. Far more so than FPTP.
Parliament voted to have a Referendum. Parliament voted to start the process of Leaving. Where I do agree with Remainers, and this is where Leavers are exposed, is that it is rubbish to say everyone knew what they were voting for, or voted for the same things. Again, this is where I trust Corbyn. There has never been a leader of a political party that I have completely trusted to make decisions based in trying to do the best by us all, until Corbyn. Of course there is nothing wrong with debate, constructive criticism, clashes of opinion etc. All leaders should be held to account and scrutinised. But it is vital that we move on by directing the anger and energy needed in the correct direction.
There is no ‘satisfactory’ way forward now, because we are so divided. So it’s time to trust who we usually do (those of us who are enlightened that is 🙂 ), even if you/we disagree on this issue; again, an issue I accept people perfectly legitimately feel passionate about. Soon we will have to decide who we trust to take us forward into a genuinely uncertain future. Theresa May (spoiler: NO!), or ANY Tory. Or Corbyn. It’s a no-brainier; Jeremy, I, hopefully we, have your back.
As I say, just an opinion.
In Solidarity, Adam Samuels – Clwyd South Labour Party Media & Community Engagement Representative.

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