Groundhog Day: Corbyn Proven Correct Again On Major International Issue. Almost All Media Stay Silent.


With thanks to The Daily Politik for the above photo. We do not have absolute confirmation which newspaper this is from, but we believe it to be from Peter Oborne’s column in the Daily Mail.

I could write yet another article on why history proves Jeremy Corbyn correct consistently…so I will. But, by now, we should all know the score: Corbyn calls for evidence-based approach to foreign policy: political/media/social worlds go haywire calling him every name under the sun and using every option available to them to try and discredit him. Fast forward and history proves Jeremy Corbyn to be correct in his approach. Again. Political/media/social world stays almost silent. Groundhog day ensues.

Those who claim to be the ‘good guys’, who see themselves as ‘progressive’ and ‘liberal’ and join those who hate Corbyn because of his desire to make society more equal, to continuously target the one person who is consistently correct. So, as I/we are sometimes accused of being part of the former, let me/us be clear in condemning the former for being part of the problem. A big part of the problem. Swallow your pride, accept you are helping to prevent progressive, inclusive change and, if nothing else, please stop believing you occupy the moral high ground. You don’t. Get over it, accept it and get on board. Your complete lack of self-awareness is worrying.

So, to be clear, Jeremy Corbyn stood firm in stating that we should wait for concrete evidence before launching air strikes. Cue being labelled as anti-West, unpatriotic and a Russian Stooge. On the 6th July an interim report from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) is published; the organisation responsible for evaluating such situations. In this report, they say the following:

“The results of the analysis of the prioritised samples submitted to OPCW designated laboratories were received by the FFM team on 22 May 2018. No organophosphorus nerve agents or their degradation products were detected, either in the environmental samples or in plasma samples from the alleged casualties. Various chlorinated organic chemicals were found in samples from Locations 2 and 4, along with residues of explosive. These results are reported in Annex 3. Work by the team to establish the significance of these results is ongoing.”

You can read the full report BY CLICKING HERE. The above quote is from section 2.5.

Does this mean Jeremy Corbyn supports/condones President Assad of Syria or Putin in Russia? No. Very much no; If you don’t accept this then check out his voting record in parliament against both leaders and their actions/policies. It just means, and this appears to be highly controversial for some reason, Jeremy Corbyn says we should follow evidence and international law. It really does show how much of a messed-up world we live in where all the anger, hate and accusations get levelled at the one person who is consistently correct about these issues, and, bizarrely, not against those wrong about these issues as we have previously written about (CLICK HERE).

We can add this latest affirmation to the already growing list of history proving Corbyn to be correct…So, Iraq X 2, not arming Saddam Hussein in the 1980s when we did, the financial crash down to the specifics of the American sub-prime mortgage market, Libya, Syria X3 (at least!), Afghanistan, Apartheid…etc etc etc.

Unfortunately, it will be too late unless we stop being silly-and I do believe that is an appropriate word for our contemporary political and media environments-and start being serious about wanting progressive change and getting things correct on huge decisions. Or, rather frustratingly and definitely in a self-harming, self-defeating way, we can keep abusing, bullying, attacking, character assassinating, mocking, discrediting the one person who has always walked it as he talked it and who is good enough to put up with all this stupid behaviour for the benefit of us all. Including those idiots who persist on living in their self-created, self-congratulatory bubble. For all our sakes, please join us in the real world, eh?


In Solidarity, Adam Samuels – Clwyd South Labour Party Media Co-ordinator.

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