Why Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party Are The Only Ones Who Can Lead Us Out Of This Brexit Mess

Brexit - divided flags of Great Britain and Europe


I think what is being lost in the Brexit chaos is that while, of course, whatever happens re Brexit is vitally important, THE crucial thing is stitching the country back together again. We all have to accept there is no majority for ANY version of Brexit or No Brexit. It will be impossible to get a ‘Good Deal’ as that is subjective and there are so many passionate, very different views. Whichever way people voted in the EU referendum, I can be confident in saying the EU Referendum has made a significant contribution to the massive escalation in division within our communities, the country & internationally.

So, how can we move forward? I think the main thing is not to promise anything we are not absolutely sure can be delivered. So, yes, this means walking on eggshells and it means things changing by the day, if not hour. Which, for all the criticism Labour have received, shows to me why Corbyn has played a blinder re Brexit. We know that two-thirds of Labour voters voted to Remain. We also know that two-thirds of Labour constituencies voted to Leave. That pretty much summarises the problem we have as a country.

I can appreciate why some Leavers feel betrayed (so far), and why some Remainers are passionate about stopping aspects of what Brexit may mean-the problem was obviously Cameron & the CONservatives a) Being happy to split the UK to try to end their internal struggles re the EU, b) Them dramatically failing at this & actually intensifying the divisions, c) Not having a plan. At all. In any capacity, should Leave win-which is of course what happened, d) THE most stupid thing-offering a Binary vote only as this then means what Brexit (or indeed Remain) means is entirely open to interpretation with no one being held to account!!!

So, who can lead us forward and offer the best chance of stitching this badly damaged country back together? Obviously Jeremy Corbyn. How can it be a CONservative leader as they are either staunchly Leave or Remain. Whoever it is. Corbyn, like me, was Remain, but Remain to reform. He has a foot in each camp. The General Election result in 2017 showed that he could marry those divisions enough to help contribute to the biggest vote share increase of any party since Attlee in 1945. So the evidence is already there that he is the leader most likely to bridge the gaps.

This, of course, will be unbelievably difficult to do. It will take enormous strength, resolve like no other, listening to all, keeping things as civil as possible, the ability to stand firm when needed, a genuine aim of doing what is best for the population above anyone or anything else, THE thickest skin, a lack of fear of the media & critics, a lack of fear of the Corporate class and a track record of getting major calls correct. That leaves one person-Jeremy Corbyn.

Whichever way you voted in the Referendum or last General Election, I challenge anybody to proffer a name of someone who matches the above requirements closer than Jeremy Corbyn. We already know he can stand the inevitable onslaught, death threats (let’s be honest about this), abuse, intimidation, bullying, outright lies & character assassinations as he has proven it MANY times, not least in the pathetic failed coup re his leadership in 2016, and on a daily basis. Just see the independent report from the London School of Economics (CLICK HERE) to see just how lied about, vilified and abused he is by the media.

Indeed, this year alone he has been framed & absurdly accused of being a Russian stooge, Czech spy, foreign spy, anti-west, anti-UK, anti-Semitic, racist, bizarrely both pro-Immigration & anti-Immigration!, unpatriotic, a terrorist sympathiser, sexist, xenophobic etc etc. Next the media will be telling us he was the one who turned cats and dogs against each other and is the real Lord Lucan. That is all just this year so far!

Who else could possibly be better at trying to unite us all, while being able to resist the attempts to force a nervous breakdown? Who else has his track record of getting major calls correct & history proving him correct time after time after time? No one. Literally no one. It is about time we all realised that if we want something resembling a UNITED Kingdom (even united within each UK nation), then let us stop this chaos, get the CONservatives out ASAP and get Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party in. We have no choice; fortunately that choice is a very good one…


In Solidarity, Adam Samuels – Clwyd South Labour Party Media Co-ordinator

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