Clwyd South Labour Party Supports This Important Shelter Cymru Campaign


Clwyd South Labour Party has voted to support a motion to the Welsh Government to ban Section 21 ‘No Fault Evictions’ and to support the campaign set up by Shelter Cymru (CLICK HERE).

If not in a fixed term agreement, tenants can be kicked out by landlords at any time under a Section 21, otherwise known as a ‘No Fault Eviction’.

This can be for annoying your landlord by asking for repairs, or for any other reason. These are known as “revenge evictions”.

There is no legal defence to a Section 21 eviction. Once served with this notice, tenants have two months to find somewhere to live or become homeless.

Tenants in Wales deserve the same rights as people in other parts of the world – to live in a home for as long as they need it, and not be to kicked out without reason.

This does not take away the rights of a landlord to remove tenants for genuine reasons such as non payment of rent, damaging property or anti-social behaviour.

Everyone deserves a home. Nobody should be forced to be homeless!

Please check out more details and also consider signing the petition by CLICKING HERE.

Clwyd South Labour Party would like to show our full support for the campaign & solidarity with anyone affected.

Nick Claffey – Pen-Y-Cae Community Councillor & Clwyd South Labour Party Member & Campaigner

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