Clwyd South Labour Party Show Solidarity With Local Workers

FFS 4 October 2018 h

Clwyd South Labour Party Political Education Coordinator, Keith Sinclair (on the right), with Wrexham Labour Party member John Henry (on the left)

Members of Clwyd South Labour Party joined other trade unionists and campaigners in supporting Fast Food Workers fighting low pay and poor conditions during their day of action on Thursday 4 October.

It was good to see leading Labour politicians such as Angela Rayner, Labour Shadow Secretary for State tweeting their support:

“Solidarity with Workers at McDonalds, Wetherspoons, TGI Friday, Uber Eats and Deliveroo are striking today. These are workers who are seeking £10 an hour pay, more stable contracts, and for TU recognition by the companies.”

Locally, a small but important protest took place outside McDonalds in Wrexham. Workers and customers were given leaflets explaining the need for £10 an hour, stable contracts and trade union recognition. The Wrexham protest was very well received with many local people commenting on their own poor pay and employment conditions especially in the social care sector.

FFS 4 October 2018 g

Clwyd South Labour Party Political Education Coordinator, Keith Sinclair (centre), with Wrexham Labour Party members John Henry (on the left) & Steve Gittins (on the right)

Clwyd South Labour is proud to stand with the largely young workers who took action on Thursday. We support their calls for £10 an hour, for decent conditions and, crucially, for trade union recognition. We are delighted to see several different unions reaching out and organising young workers in employment sectors where unions have traditionally been weak or non-existent.

We also recognise that supporting young workers now combined with an incoming Labour Government’s pledge to introduce a minimum wage of £10 per hour demonstrates to low paid and young workers that all political parties are not the same. The neglect of our communities by the Tory government is not an accident, it can and must be fought.

For the many not the few!!!

Keith Sinclair

Clwyd South Labour Party Political Education Co-ordinator

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