The Local Reminder That Cadbury Owner Mondelez Paid No Corporation Tax In The UK Last Year


“There is no magic money tree.” Theresa May

Did you pay any income tax this month? Please see original article by CLICKING HERE.

“Yes, of course” will be the answer from the vast majority of British adults including those in low pay employment and many pensioners.

Theresa May’s Conservative government continues to attack the poorest and weakest in our society.  The attacks on the disabled through losing their benefits or the attacks linked to the introduction of Universal Credit all lead to even harder times for those least able to stand any more financial pressure.

But surely “we are all in it together”?  That has never been the case but if anyone wants a striking, local example of what is wrong with our society then look no further than the tax affairs of the owners of Cadbury, Mondelez.  Mondelez, of course, have their factory on Station Road in Chirk.

Sadly, it comes as no surprise to read that Mondelez paid no tax to the UK government last year:

“Cadbury owner Mondelez UK paid no corporation tax in Britain last year, despite reporting profit of more than £185m.

The company, which is a subsidiary of US giant Mondelez International, recorded a 740 per cent jump in profit for the year to 31 December, with turnover rising to £1.66bn from £1.65bn.”

Source: The Independent 12 October 2018

Even within the constraints of our existing economic system, it is not difficult to see the need to move away from a system where people on low incomes work hard and pay their taxes diligently whilst the rich and the big corporations employ their accountants to avoid paying their fair share.

A graphic example of why we need a radical change in government and to move towards an economic system for “the many not the few”.

In Solidarity,

Keith Sinclair, Clwyd South Labour Party Political Education Officer & Trade Union Liaison Officer











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