Media Bias: We’ll Stop Pointing It Out When You Help Form The Solution!


Please, everyone read this article – CLICK HERE.

We share this as following on from this CLICK HERE and other independent studies, we hear quite often “Stop going on about bias etc”. That opinion, while of course no more or less valid than anyone else’s, totally misses the point.

Regardless of the politics of the party, we cannot have a mainstream media that is so against the main opposition party/opposition leader, without this being flagged up in a democracy. This is so important as it emphasises just how vital it is that YOU/WE share the facts and info as 95% of the time the general public are unaware of the whole picture, and don’t know how to access the whole picture.

The significance of this is that NONE of the mainstream print media (no, The Guardian is not Left wing, save a few columnists, and even The Daily Mirror (CLICK HERE) carried a front page “Corbyn Must Go” story) is Left wing. The broadcast media agenda is almost always set by the print media. So you immediately see the issue here. Therefore, Social media becomes far more important. The trouble with that is being able to  find good, investigative journalism becomes much harder, and now Facebook etc are changing the algorithms against politics in general, but especially Left wing politics. For example, some of the biggest Left wing sites/pages are reporting their reach is a mere fraction of what it was recently, and are trying to do something about it (CLICK HERE).

This is highly significant overall, as, let’s be honest, for completely understandable reasons, most people are-at best-casually interested in politics. If you go online, turn on your TV or radio or read the print press, you are (and I don’t mean whether you agree politically) going to get a completely biased and wholly inaccurate impression of the big picture. Yes politics is deliberately made complicated & boring at times, so people like us naturally don’t connect with it. But it is now being pushed further down this road.

When even those obliged to be impartial, like the BBC, are very, very clearly not (CLICK HERE)-sometimes deliberately, sometimes unconsciously-always consistently (CLICK HERE), then we do not live in a democratic society. In fact, even the BBC admit now that Left wing people were actively barred from joining for many years (CLICK HERE). Check out Tom Mills (CLICK HERE) who has written an excellent book on the BBC.

We live in what the great Professor Noam Chomsky (CLICK HERE) calls a media/society built on ‘Manufactured Consent’ (CLICK HERE). This is a very, very serious issue. What is so frustrating is the the media and Westminster folk, in most cases, all come from the same background, the same schooling, the same understanding of what ‘normal’ or ‘acceptable’ or ‘moderate’ means. So, if news agendas are only seen through this prism, it is inevitable, as is now, that that media will only represent a minority of the population.

So, this is why it is important we point these things out, continue to call them out, and invite everyone to become involved to force democracy and force change. Information is power, and if the casual political consumer never gets close to hearing/seeing anything other than one-increasingly extreme-point of view, then how can a democracy function as it is intended? It simply cannot. The consequences of this become too serious. The main problem is that the mainstream media as is are both incapable of seeing their bias, and even if they do, they see it as knowing what is best for people/not caring. Then accuse those on the Left of being “loony” or too biased or ill-informed?!

The knock-on effect here becomes that people do not trust the media. This is evident in poll after poll. In fact, the UK press is literally the least trusted in all of Europe (CLICK HERE). What is even more worrying, perhaps, is that journalists are aware of this! In this survey (CLICK HERE), 71% of the journalists in the world think media consumers do not trust the media. i.e. The journalists. We should also factor in that journalism is increasingly becoming a profession that is harder to make a living from with media editors ramping up the bias of whoever owns that media format. Which means keeping your job means becoming immersed in manufactured propaganda.

Less and less money is going into investigative journalism, which means more and more media outlets just use verbatim, or with minor tweaks, whatever press release (be that government or big corporations) they are handed. It is not a coincidence, given the absurd bias on display, why this will have played a significant part in BBC Radio’s flagship current affairs programme, Today,  on Radio 4 losing over 800,000 listeners in the last year alone (CLICK HERE)!

So, yes, we are banging on about media bias. This is not just because it is so dangerous and unhealthy politically, but because the consequences affect every aspect of our lives in one direct or indirect way. Those who continue to criticise, I offer them a hand to come and join us combat this. Frankly, if you just moan about others consistently pointing this out, without doing anything yourself to combat it, you become part of the problem rather than part of the solution.

Here’s the deal: we’ll stop banging on about it when you become active in fighting against the bias. Sounds reasonable to me. You?

In Solidarity,

Adam Samuels – Clwyd South Labour Party Media & Communications Coordinator

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