CSLP’s New Climate Change/Environment Coordinator Sets Out An Immediate Plan Of Action



I have recently become Climate Change/Enironment Coordinator with Clwyd South CLP (Constituency Labour Party), and I wanted to share with members some important facts.

On the 8th October 2018 the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published a report on the deepening crisis around climate change.

The time scale to do something about global warming and climate change just shrank dramatically and this report is seen as a monumental wake-up call.

Up until this year the UN were operating on a target of keeping the increase below 2⁰C over pre-industrial levels. Although at the Paris Climate Change Conference in 2015 there were many countries campaigning for a reduction to 1.5⁰C, arguing that this would give humanity a fighting chance whilst 2⁰C would give it no chance. However this year we have already reached 1⁰C which strongly suggests at the current rate of increase, a 1.5⁰C limit could be reached as soon as 2030 – 12 years time.

Now, the Welsh Government under Labour have ambitious plans to reduce carbon emissions, which, make no mistake, will be a challenge to any government at any time. But, time is running out. As members we must get on board with these challenges and support our Ministers in government to be brave and make the difficult decisions needed.

So, what can we do ?


1. Campaign for change – join environmental organisations, encourage politicians and businesses to take action.

2. Change how you travel – fly less, drive less, cycle more, take the train.

3. Switch to a green electricity provider to support investment in renewable energy.

4. Wherever possible, insulate our homes to reduce wasted energy.

5. Eat less meat and dairy – our dietary choices can have a big impact.

6. Buy less stuff.

7. Check out each political party’s climate change policies before deciding how to vote – and challenge your local candidates.

8. Join a community energy scheme – or start one up.

9. Talk about climate change with friends, family, colleagues.

10. Keep campaigning – don’t let politicians and policy makers off the hook.

(Source: Target zero – a message from CAT to UK Government)

Climate change, land management and loss of biodiversity are all linked, so I wanted to share with you this link (CLICK HERE).

I saw this some time ago in the cinema and the Iceland food company wanted to adopt it as their Christmas advert. However, it has been banned, as it is considered to be too political.

I think not, what do you think?

In Solidarity, Kath Goodchild – Clwyd South Labour Party Climate Change/Environment Coordinator


1 thought on “CSLP’s New Climate Change/Environment Coordinator Sets Out An Immediate Plan Of Action”

  1. Thanks for posting this Kath. Agree completely. We also need to ensure that we continue campaigning to protect biodiversity


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