Where We Are At With Brexit

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We obviously need a General Election. That is a given. However, the Tories will do everything to avoid this. I also think in the immediate future, there is not enough numbers for a second Referendum. That is before you debate about what the question(s) is/are on any such Referendum. The key point though; do not underestimate the ability of politicians to crumble. As the media will give Theresa May every platform she wishes to sell this dog’s dinner of a deal, there will be a surge (the level of which is unsure at the moment) by the public of people telling their MPs to vote it through.
This is the only option May has of getting it through Parliament. But it is a far more viable option than people seem to be aware of. The mainstream media (in general) will glorify this deal and help create this wave. Things can, and possible will, change quickly. So, it is more important than ever that those MPs who disagree with the deal now, double-down and be prepared to disappoint some of those contacting them. There is no ‘good’ outcome of all the options current available.
THE, and I repeat THE most important thing is stitching the country back together post whatever eventually happens. This has been lost. If we have a second Referendum, this will cause outrage and people taking to the streets to oppose what they see as ignoring democracy. Though I didn’t vote that way, they have a point. If we leave, ditto, but a ‘friendlier’ protest.
If we accept this deal all we have done, basically, is annoy every one (well, save a minority of people) and remove our ability to haver a say on the regulations we’ll have to abide by. In other words, as everyone can see, this is worse than staying in the EU from a Leaver’s perspective, and clearly worse from a Remain perspective. Going through TWO Brexit Ministers & trying to blag your way through Parliament with this is a totally damning indictment on the weak, spineless, incompetent, arrogant stance & ‘abilities’ of Theresa May & the CONservative party. This is a government in technical name only.
I have heard many say they feel sorry for Theresa May and that this was an almost impossible task. I absolutely would not deny or belittle the huge task of negotiating Brexit. But May chose to take this on. She came in after the EU Referendum result, and after Cameron resigned. So, no, I don’t have any sympathy for her. At all. Her domestic record is possibly the worst of any Prime Minister in modern times. Since 2010, the CONservative government has managed to destroy everything they touch. They are sending us into reverse and free fall.
They have lost the social, political, environmental and most certainly economic arguments. They are imploding through incompetency & a total lack of ideas, identity, leadership, compassion. You name it, they have been and are terrible at it. It matters not one jot who replaces May-this is an inherent, endemic, cultural problem with the CONservative party. Neo Liberalism is coming to an end, and they have no ideas of how to replace it. Their current stance is to pretend to out-Labour Labour, while defending the very system collapsing in front of our eyes. i.e. “It is not the system, it is the messaging that is wrong”. Dinosaurs are always the last ones to see the meteor coming…
Some people ask “So, if this is all true, how come you are not 20 points clear in the polls, then?!”. This question, in the same way the Tories have no post-Neo Liberalism option, fails to recognise that we are not living in ‘normal’ times. Demonstrably. We are in the midst of huge, fundamental changes to our communities, our society, the world. I do not know where in this process we are-my best guess is near the beginning. These changes will be economical, social & political. This is why identity politics is influencing things so much.
So, adding to the above, back to the polls; I am about to generalise here, so keep this in mind! Those who want to Leave still back the CONservatives, and would do regardless of their leader. Add to that total the older generations who consume traditional media and have the “There’s something about Corbyn I don’t like” ; years of outright lies is the major factor as we found when door-knocking/campaigning. This influenced those who believe themselves to be far too intelligent to be influenced by 24/7 media/politician bombardment of lies & character assassinations. Then add those who do not agree with the policies etc. Remain voters back Labour, as do some Leavers who could never vote Tory. i.e. Brexit is the backdrop to these polls.
Now, when you marry-up the massive changes to society, Brexit, a financial crash we are only now seeing the true affects of, austerity, stagnating and receding wages, millions having to use food banks, a pension being a pipe dream for most, highly insecure work, home ownership being a pipe dream for most…this allows in the far right, who are growing at a very fast rate right under our noses in plain site, with these views being part of the mainstream media & CONservative Party….
It needs to be made very clear, even to those ‘liberals’ in the media and commentariat, that you have two options. Option one is May or a generic version of May and a continued shift to the far right, with potentially a CONservative Party given free reign to destroy basic rights and public services. That is clear-i.e. Theresa May refuses to exclude the NHS from future trade deals.
Option two is Corbyn’s Labour. A man who has dramatically changed UK, European & World politics in just 3 years. It is almost laughable to think Labour would not be anti-austerity without Corbyn. He & McDonnell are winning the economic, social & political arguments. The media and commentariat need to catch up. Corbyn is the ONLY viable option to stop the rise of fascism that will happen & happen quickly if he is not in power. The environment relies on it. Our communities rely on it. Our children rely on it. Other countries desperately need Corbyn in power, too. Our public services clearly rely on it.
So, Brexit or no Brexit, the only viable option is the same. A Corbyn-led Labour government. There is no choice. Fortunately, Labour under him have the membership, policy ideas, compassion, inclusiveness and leadership to genuinely change society for the better. It will take two full terms to undo all this mess. We will have to be patient, but we really do not have a choice. Let us be grateful that, against all the odds, we do have this life-changing, wonderful option. An option that must be supported & defended at all costs.
One step at a time, though. The first step is making sure the MPs who oppose May’s deal remain the majority. There will be no ‘No Deal’ Brexit. Were May’s deal to be voted down, I can assure you the EU, never mind Parliament, would not allow a ‘No Deal’ scenario. So, collectively, we must remain strong and show the type of resolve Jeremy Corbyn has shown his entire political life, especially since 2015 when first elected as leader. Thank goodness we have him, eh?
In Solidarity with Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party & all those willing to fight for, and defend, what is needed.
Adam Samuels – Clwyd South Labour Party Media & Communications Coordinator.

2 thoughts on “Where We Are At With Brexit”

  1. Sorry if this is posted twice, but just had to reset my password.

    I personally believe that if Brexit does go through, the country is going to be beyond fixable. I see it like this, brexit goes through, we have no real help from Europe, for at least the length of an election term, at least in oart due to the political poison, and jingoism, thatvhas emerged from beneath the depths of English society. With that in mind, only America will be offering to give us any financial support, the prive being an utter destruction of standards of health and safety, workers rights, thebhealth care system, and drastically poor food standards, to just mention the more topical points that have made it intobthe discussion. Those points, alone, should be seen as unacceptable comprimises, that should utterly be rejected by whomever ends up in power, by that point. I think the violence in our society will inevitably rise, with Brexit, as the championing of Laxely-Lennon by the right, and the seemingly unshakable public normalisation of Nigel Farage, for example, by the MSM, is actually guarenteeing that jingoism is becoming, or has tacitly become a default social norm, but one that nobody in MSM is really addressing seriously, although appeasement to right wing and extreme dogma has become an everyday occurrence, and not just on the BBC. This country has to figure out how to grow a political spine, and call out Brexit for the corrupting influence that it is, realise a second vote literally DOES have to happen, if not outright cancelation of Brexit, and then a very uncomfortable and public conversation needs to be had.
    Obviously Jermey Corbyn is the only political leader that the UK should be captained by, frankly thank God he is a politician, but that alone does not imply that Brexit can be steered through these choppy shores without permanent damage, and truely horrific loses.


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