Clwyd South CLP Backs Leadership Brexit Position

At its All Members Meeting last night, Clwyd South CLP reiterated its full support for the negotiating position taken by the UK and Welsh Labour Leadership.  We passed the following motion calling for unity and support from all party units and individuals.

“Emergency motion: Labour’s Brexit Position:  Clwyd South CLP wishes to state, and where necessary reaffirm, our full support for Jeremy Corbyn’s UK leadership team and Mark Drakeford’s Welsh leadership team in their adherence to official Brexit policy democratically decided at UK Labour Conference. Whilst events may occur quickly in this debate and final outcomes be difficult to predict, we firmly believe that no useful purpose is to be achieved by any units or individuals within the party undermining the negotiating position of those whose primary objective is quite correctly to deliver a UK Labour government.”

At a time when millions are living in poverty caused by years of cruel, unnecessary Tory austerity, we should all remember that what Wales, and the UK as a whole, needs more than anything else is a UK Labour government.  That is the goal we must keep our sights firmly on!

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