Clwyd South Labour Party Pass Motion In Full Support Of Jeremy Corbyn With Huge Majority


On Friday 19th July 2019 Clwyd South Labour Party (CLICK HERE) passed a motion at their All Members Meeting (AMM)/Constituency Labour Party (CLP) meeting to show total solidarity and unwavering support for our twice democratically elected leader Jeremy Corbyn (CLICK HERE). The motion passed with 97% support of those voting.

This was done in light of recent absurd media coverage, including polls spun as showing “support plummeting” for Mr. Corbyn despite those polls literally showing the opposite of that! For example, support from members is UP compared to when Mr. Corbyn was challenged by Owen Smith MP in 2016. They also show that the support level in these polls (if you believe polling!) is at the same level as the two record-breaking mandates given to Mr. Corbyn after the 2015 & 2016 Labour Leadership contests. This is a clear sign that our opponents are getting increasingly desperate. The only “support plummeting” is for those publications who have their lowest ever circulation/readership rates.

The final motion passed reads as follows:

“Motion: Uniting behind Jeremy Corbyn’s Leadership

This Party notes the continued dire attacks by the Tory Government on living standards and the reversal of many social advances achieved in the past 70 years. We can expect that even more extreme attacks will be launched by the more right wing Tory Prime Minister who will replace Theresa May.

Given the danger of these attacks, this CLP considers it vital to fully support the leadership of the democratically-elected Jeremy Corbyn, because this leadership will ensure that Labour seriously fights the forthcoming Tory attacks.

We believe, as stated publicly by Lucy Powell MP, that with just three months to avoid a ‘No Deal’ Brexit, that this would be the worst possible time to divide our Party over leadership, and that our focus must always be on improving people’s lives and dispatching the Tories at the earliest opportunity through a General Election.

We also note the 9.6 per cent increase in our General Election vote share in 2017, akin to 1945, due to the leadership’s approach, producing an inspiring manifesto setting out our anti-austerity agenda, and proving that this is the leadership necessary for Labour to win at the next General Election. This is in stark contrast to the electoral disasters experienced by Labour’s sister parties in France, Germany, Holland and other countries, which have supported a Neo-Liberal/right wing approach.

Accordingly, we call on the whole PLP to unite behind Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and concentrate all its efforts on returning a Labour Government for the many and not the few and not be distracted by campaigns orchestrated by our enemies in the press and others who seek divide us and derail our campaign to return a Labour government committed to implementing socialist policies.”

Clwyd South Labour Party’s Media & Communications Officer Adam Samuels, said:

“We were very clear during discussions that there must always be a space for criticism and self-evaluation within the Labour Party. Everyone is entitled to their view, and they must always be heard, and know that they can be heard. But we felt this motion needed to be passed as a very clear statement that there is a difference between civil disagreements around people & policy, and an outright attempt to undermine the hard work of all within the Labour Movement, and even to seemingly want to bring the Party down in some cases.

Obviously that must always be challenged & called out where appropriate, because the potential consequences of such actions include helping to deny the millions of people in the UK, and indeed across the world, a Labour Party government we all so desperately, demonstrably need. Not least the four million children living in poverty in the UK, despite it being 2019. We look forward to continuing to unite locally, and nationally via Welsh Labour & UK Labour, to bring about these transformative policies, with a leader with the resolve to fight off the inevitable onslaught from ‘The Establishment’ when we get into power. I think we can all agree that Jeremy Corbyn has unprecedented levels of resolve & the thickest skin known to all!”

We continue to plan, campaign and organise for a Labour government. In Solidarity.

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