VIDEO: Personal Message From Jeremy Corbyn To Clwyd South LP, Latin American Comrades (In Spanish!) & The Movement. GET READY!


Pictured above: Clwyd South Labour Party Media Officer (CLICK HERE) Adam Samuels & Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of The Labour Party. At El Sueno Existe Festival, Macynlleth, Wales, Friday 16th August 2019.

I was attending the quite magnificent El Suneo Existe festival (CLICK HERE) as I do every year. This year, there was a high-profile ‘punter’ attending! I can confirm that Jeremy is as humble, compassionate, selfless, full of energy, inclusive & intelligent as you could ever wish to hope. A truly, genuinely, different politician. He never said no to anyone who wanted to talk, share stories, take selfies etc, despite initially being welcomed as if he was one of The Beatles. Understandably so, because it IS very rare to have a politician elicit such a response from people-it IS because he is genuinely the ‘real deal’ that he is received in such a way, wherever he goes. You cannot fake this, which is, of course, why the more he connects with people, the more the media create-in some cases-genuinely bizarre and insane stories about him. The Establishment & Media/Commentariat have lost the political arguments, so they focus almost entirely on trying to discredit the man.

Jeremy has the greatest resolve of any individual I have ever met. I have no idea how on earth he puts up with being the most smeared politician of all time (CLICK HERE) & CLICK HERE & also CLICK HERE for just some examples. Or how he puts up with physical assaults (CLICK HERE), abuse, lies, bullying, (thankfully failed) assassination attempts (CLICK HERE), daily death threats etc etc. I took the time to speak one-to-one with Jeremy and thanked him for this. As Jeremy’s wife*, Laura, is Mexican, and being fluent in Spanish himself, he liked the t-shirt I was wearing! I also let him know how I was in no way embarrassed to say that in 2017, for the first time in my life, I walked into the polling booth with tears of joy in my eyes actually being able to vote for someone I trusted, was inspired by, and truly believe. He was, almost predictably, seemingly genuinely moved and thanked me and us all in Clwyd South, and all of us in general. He wanted to thank personally all our team at Clwyd South CLP and was aware and noted all the work we try to do as a collective.

The following video comes with an apology. The apology is because of the quality of filming (my ipad case comes into view for the first part!) and sound. Very kindly, my friend, comrade, filmmaker & journalist Pablo Navarrete (CLICK HERE) of the brilliant Alborada Media (CLICK HERE) & teleSUR (CLICK HERE) managed to boost the sound somewhat, but please turn up the volume. The first part of the video focuses on the El Sueno Existe festival, why it was established & it’s tribute to the late, great Victor Jara (pronounced ‘Hara’) & the ‘New Song’ Movement (CLICK HERE). The second part of this short video is in Spanish for all our Latin American/Central American & Caribbean (Cuba et al) comrades, brothers & sisters. The final part is a personal thank you & inspirational message to all in Clwyd South Labour Party (CLICK HERE). There is a full video of an ‘impromptu’ speech Jeremy gave at the festival which will be available soon. So, apologies for the quality, but not the message(s)!:

What we here in the UK can often forget, is that the struggles & achievements of our Latin American/Central American/Caribbean comrades are also OURS to support & celebrate. Being Socialist & part of this magnificent, huge Movement, means recognising how ‘we’ is ‘WE’, whatever the country or continent. Socialism does not have borders. Jeremy Corbyn being elected as Prime Minister in the UK is not just essential for us, but for ALL of ‘The Many’ here and abroad. ONLY Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party can transform the lives of all in the UK, but also abroad. Just speak to our comrades from all over the world, especially in Latin/Central America & the Caribbean.

I personally have spoken to many ambassadors, representatives, campaigners, union leaders etc-all absolutely desperate for Jeremy to become Prime Minister. That is why he has teams from many different parties, groups & countries following his team around-to gain knowledge and experience from our campaigning. As I say, ‘we’ is ‘WE’. There is also huge amounts we can, and should, learn from our comrades represented by the El Sueno Existe festival-they have years of first-hand experiences we should embrace and tap into more. Stronger connections will strengthen us all.

It would appear that there is a general election looming. We can guess this as the volume of hate & lies has ratcheted-up recently. We must always remember that there are constant attempts to divide & conquer us. We must always remember that, to quote the great, almost unknown musician Lewis Taylor (CLICK HERE)“It’s not a crime to have ever had a doubt about it” (CLICK HERE). We are human after all! But those doubts are placed in our minds by those who do not have the courage of their convictions to *actually* try and bring about the real change needed. It is far easier to be sarcastic, dismissive, emotionally redundant and shout from the outside. Far easier to support different shades of basically the same thing. The true courage is to realise that this is a genuinely once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to elect someone who has the policies that are majority popular with the voting public & have been for decades; it’s just pre-Jeremy Corbyn, no one had an opportunity to vote for these policies at UK level (even Tory members are now anti-austerity! Rewind to 2015 and this stance was apparently a “Marxist, idealistic utopia that could never get anyone elected. Get real” etc).

Well, we are real. Very real. We are here. We are growing. We just have to make sure that the many attempts to divide & conquer us, do not succeed. We will never have another opportunity to support someone with the resolve of Jeremy Corbyn. Someone who cannot be bought, and someone willing to do the correct thing, no matter how popular or unpopular it may be with the media and Establishment. Without our support, this cannot be achieved. The situation is way too important for minor disputes, disagreements etc doing what ALWAYS happens on the Left-become divided, and, ultimately, conquered. I accept, as we all should, surely?!, that there may be times we agree with one policy, not another etc. So what? This is bound to happen in any passionate, informed Movement!

We should be able to have those passionate disagreements and debates together. There is nothing wrong with constructive criticism internally. That is often how you get the best policy. The moment we walk out of that room, however, we remain as one. A collective. Otherwise we are nothing. I implore us all to remember that. We have a flawed political system. The vehicle of The Labour Party is at times imperfect. But the vehicle, and us all, are on the correct road, all facing in the correct direction. The other option as Prime Minister is worse than we have ever had. I truly, passionately, unapologetically believe in Jeremy, as he does with us all. I do not think he is the Messiah, or a very naughty boy. He is human. I do not care, quite frankly, what I am labelled as for showing such support. As I say, it is very easy to be cynical, sarcastic…it’s what always helps usher in the CONservatives.

This time, there very much IS a difference between the two options from Prime Minister. As there was in 2017. This time though, they are truly scared of us. This time, ANY vote not for Corbyn’s Labour is a vote for the unthinkable. Why anyone would even consider voting that evil, be that directly or voting for another party than Labour, into power is beyond me. I could never, ever be that selfish as to ignore 4 million kids in poverty to prove what?! A point about something I may disagree on? Out of spite? Good luck explaining that vote to future generations and those who desperately need us NOW. My ego, all our egos, MUST be secondary to the overall Movement/cause.

All my life I have been waiting for someone different to come along. Someone genuine. Someone not media trained to the nth degree. I could care less about what they wear, rather what they say and do. If we cannot get behind someone wiling to sacrifice so much, for me, my family, you & your family, then you might as well give up and go home. We have a choice, thankfully, for once. Let us not blow it. eh? The stakes are way too high for that.

El Pueblo Unido Jamas Sera Vencido! The People United Will Never Be Defeated!

Solidarity to all, let us take this forward with the unapologetic passion & resolve needed.

Adam Samuels, Clwyd South Labour Party Media Officer.

* Laura Alvarez must never be referred to ‘just’ as ‘Jeremy’s wife’. Laura is a long-standing excellent campaigner for social justice and is heavily involved in the Justice In Mexico (CLICK HERE) amongst many other campaigns. Laura co-ran a session at El Sueno Existe this year.

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