The Labour Party is a socialist and social democratic party that has grown since 2015 to become the largest political party in Western Europe. We are proud of our huge and diverse membership and we encourage all our members to take part in our local and national campaigns. This has seen a change in how our CLP works and the creation of new coordinator roles to work with our Executive Committee to help our CLP achieve all that it can.

Using the links below you can see who all our elected officials and representatives are.

Executive Committee

CLP Coordinators

Member of Parliament

Assembly Member

County Councillors

Community Councillors

Clwyd South Constituency Labour Party sits across the communities of Wrexham and Denbighshire. Our CLP was formed in 1997 and covers a large rural area made up of 25 wards across the two counties. These wards may contain branches and it is at branch level where our members can have the greatest impact. Using the links below you can see which wards and branches make up our CLP.




We know that sometimes it can be very easy to get lost in all the abbreviations and short for that we like to use. Here you can find a handy Jargon Buster that will hopefully help you to make more sense out of our posts.