Executive Committee

Our Executive Committee(EC) are elected by the CLP each year at our AGM. It is the role of the EC to manage the running of our CLP.

Our Executive committee is made up as follows. The following HAVE voting rights:

Chair – Vic Grout

Vice Chair – Liz Parry

Vice Chair/Membership – Angie Evans (Hammons)

Secretary – Jackie Owen

Treasurer – Phil Moore

Womens Officer – Helen Grout

Youth Officer (shared role) – Jack Grout/Heather Stewart

LBGT Officer – Louise Bosanquet

Disability Officer – William Russell Jones

BAME officer – Eulina Harper

Welsh Language Officer – Beth Wright

Each of these EC members holds a voting right on the EC in addition to one nominee from each Branch. The following are on the EC, but do not have voting rights:

Media and Community Engagement – Adam Samuels

Trade Union Liaison – Keith Sinclair

Fundraising – Danny Grout

Political Education – Keith Sinclair

Information Technology – Alex Mitsiaras

Campaigns Coordinator – Zoe Clarke

Labour Group Liaison – Vic Grout