Cefn Branch Labour Party

Cefn Branch Labour Party (BLP) is one of the many branches that make up Clwyd South Constituency Labour Party (CLP). Cefn Ward includes the villages of Cefn Mawr, Cefn Bychan, Acrefair, Penybryn, Newbridge, Plas Madoc and Rhosymedre. All members of the Labour Party who live within this community will automatically be a part of Cefn BLP.

Cefn BLP meet monthly and discuss a variety of issues that affect our community directly. It is here where our members have the biggest say on the runnings of our party. Together we debate and create motions to send to the CLP to be discussed further. It is also at this grassroots level of the Labour Party where members get a say on who gets a nomination to represent the Ward on local councils.

You can get all the latest announcements from Cefn BLP HERE.

Here are the current officers of Cefn BLP


Liz Parry


I’m Liz Parry and I’ve been a member of the Labour Party for over thirty years.
I’m a passionate Socialist and Labour Activist.

I despair at the way the Conservative Government’s Austerity policies are crippling
all but the wealthiest people in our Country and Communities and will strive to do all
I can to see them ousted from Parliament and get our Labour Party installed in their

I stand firm with our Labour Party Leader, Peace Prize winner Jeremy Corbyn and his
excellent team, and fully support the policies that have been endorsed by numerous
Nobel Winning Economists. I believe with these policies we can achieve a fair and
prosperous country that works for all.
We are a progressive Branch and at meetings, we have open and honest debate where
all can have their say. I believe in fairness and giving everyone a chance for their
ideas and beliefs to be heard. Cefn Branch Labour Party has a large membership but
there is room for many more, we meet one evening per month at the George Edwards
Hall. Please come and join us you will be very welcome.

Vice Chair

Alex Mitsiaras


I joined the Labour Party in 2016, inspired by a Jeremy Corbyn led movement for the many and not the few. I view myself as a socialist and I firmly believe in the message that the Labour Party is trying to deliver to our country. I am proud to represent Cefn BLP as Vice Chair and on the CLP executive committee as one of Cefn BLPs representatives.





Anne Cook

labphoto 001I have been a member of the Labour Party for a long time but I did not always feel that we were doing our best for the people we were representing. Now, under Corbyn, I think we are on the way to creating a fairer and more caring society and I am willing to give more of my time to our cause. That is why I have accepted the role of branch secretary and I am prepared to work hard in the role.


Penny Eaton

pennyFor too long politics was about what works, not about what matters, ‘There’s no alternative’ was the refrain. But it turned out to be a myth. In fact, tax cuts for the rich and austerity for the rest of us have made the very rich richer, and driven down wages, working conditions and productivity, until we have working people relying on food banks, NHS staff driven to the end of their tether and people sleeping on our streets.

I joined Labour to work for a future in which we value people more than things, a future in which no one is left behind and a future which is sustainable. I’m backing the Corbyn/ McDonnell team’s policy package. Similar policies have worked elsewhere. Why not for us?